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Falcon Studios  Best Of The 1970's Vol 3 Cast: Cal Driver, Todd Baron, Ron Pearson, Big Ben, Tom Manley, Mac Turner, Tim Kramer, Sky Dawson, Kris Bjorn, Andy Fuller, Peter Hanson
Genres: collection, legends, pre condom, bareback, hunks, muscle, anal, rimming, big dick, oral, deepthroat, 69, boots, fetish, leather, dildo, threesome, outdoor, hairy, kissing, swallow, cumshots
Cal Driver is selecting photographic slides when Ron Pearson and Todd Baron join him. Cal gropes ass while the other two have their eye on the pictures and instantly, all three are in bed. Todd is busy sucking on Ron's balls, dick and ass while Cal rims Todd's open ass. Ron is on all fours with Todd tonguing his cherry and Cal crawling beneath his chassis to grease the joints by mouth. Todd lies on his back while Cal sucks him and Ron straddles Todd's ball sucking face and gets off a load over Todd's throat.
Finally down to fucking, Todd rides hairy host Cal while Ron sucks him. Briefly trying fancy acrobatics, Ron sucks Todd upside down with his legs over the shoulders of the kneeling saddle ridder.
Todd fucks Ron's face and then ass over the edge of the bed and then gets shafted again by Cal as he bends over Ron's body. With Todd pounding away between his spread legs, Ron gets off another load that he sprays over his own straining torso. Cal takes over fucking the spent Ron. Ron can still take more as he gets fucked by Todd face down and sideways. Cal ends up on the other end of the two as Ron sucks his balls and Todd shows how well he can do two things at once when he sucks Cal while pounding away at Ron's tolerant upturned ass. Cal is ready to come and Ron jerks him off but then Cal has to push Todd up just in time for Todd to pull out and drop his cream on Ron's bouncing bubble butt.
Remember Ben, the crotch-bulging grassman in "Big Standoff"?well, he finally makes it to the park and is plying his lucrative trade, when Tom, a clean-cut college hunk, approaches to score a lid. Tom always insists on sampling before he buys, and big Ben's just sold out, so the two agree to split to the dealer's nearby apartment for a toke or two of Ben's really good stuff.
Once there, with a few tokes put away, Tom seems to be distracted by the immense lump in Ben's jeans. Damn, but could it be getting even bigger?Already turned on by the clean-cut hunk's cocky attitude and the tight fit of his campus duds, Ben picks up on the kid's fascination with his basket and decides to let him sample a big hit of the real mindblower stashed there.
Tom resists, but somehow that suddenly mean, big, black dude has him stripped naked before he can collect his grass-hazed thoughts.
Is it the super Colombian or the sight and feel of that thick 13" club of black supercock that makes him dizzy?Does it matteras he's upended and rimmed wide open, then butt-spanked raw before taking all 13 long, fat inches up his virgin-tight white ass!! After a seemingly endless butt-fucking session the tireless Ben finally unloads damn-ear a lids worth of his "really good stuff" all over the kid's upturned faceour dealer's got himself another steady customer for sure!
The sailor and the biker, It's a classic fantasy, a high-volume wet dream!Big blond Tim Kramer, the bike-riding leather man, and Mac Turner, in swabbie whites, come togther for a sizzling, play-rough encounter of domination and willing submission. The towering leatherman whips out his favorite toys and works Mac fore 'n aft with leather and rubber dildos until he's crying-for still more!
Falcon favorite Sky Dawson returns to the screen-more handsome than ever and with a gym-perfected physique-to costar with Exclusive Discovery Kristian Bjorn. A man of many excesses, Sky explodes in a gut-wrenching 15-spurt climax. That's right, all over the boots!
Blonde Peter Hanson strokes himself on a mattress in the light besides tall windows. He puts his jock strap on and goes outside on the stone steps. Meanwhile leather clad Andy Fuller rides a motorcycle and then walks up to see Peter exercising with his bare ass to the wind. They greet each other warmly and Andy immediately pushes Peter's head down to his crotch. Andy complies and sucks on the hard protruding cock. Never without his jacket, Peter rims Andy in a couple of positions and then bends him over a ladder or an unceremonious fuck using the jock straps to hang on. Peter comes on Andy's back and then rips the jock apart. An editing error has no jock on Andy when he gets creamed but the jock is back on and ripped off afterwards. Andy goes back in the house and jerks his Nordic dick off in the flattering sunshine from the window.
Format: avi
Duration: 1:17:12
Video: 720x544, XviD, 1220kbps
Audio: 187kbps

Falcon Studios  Best Of The 1970's Vol 3
Falcon Studios  Best Of The 1970's Vol 3

Falcon Studios  Best Of The 1970's Vol 3
Falcon Studios  Best Of The 1970's Vol 3

Falcon Studios  Best Of The 1970's Vol 3

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