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Beefcake Hunter - Getting drilled by Jacobo Studio: Beefcake Hunter
After our first session with Beefcake Jacobo I couldnt stop thinking about having anal sex with him, he is so handsome, tall, hairy and hung. In other words very much my type of guy, I dont remember being fucked by a guy with a cock shaped like Jacobos, for sure a big one is always pleasurable but I didnt know what to expect with a curved down one So I put in motion all my tactics to get Jacobo back, I thought it was going to be easier getting him back since he seemed to enjoy being serviced a lot, I mean a LOT, but it wasnt!Beefcake Jacobo started to have second thoughts about being in another video, I guess the first time around those two weeks of load helped him to make a decision, but this time it wasnt the same. At first I was very pushy with him but then I used my other tactic; telling him to take his time and let me know whenever he is ready, tomorrow, next week, next year Whatever, we are very patient here at BeefCake Hunter Land, lol. After a couple of times of leaving me waiting he called, and I knew he meant it this time, he even told me I will be really hard for the fuck scene after all he is a young man with his girlfriend abroad and he is still needing a hole, he knew he will be in good

This time I wanted to appreciate his body from a different perspective and take my camera around his body, you can get a good glance of his feet, back and ass. After jerking off to the pussy porn movie I got down on my knees to service eagerly his cock and balls, then I made him lay down and I rode his cock for a bit, I could tell he was getting into enjoying my ass, I couldnt help myself touching his hairy chest hmm. After, I got on my fours and then was when the drilling really started, it also was the moment for me to discover the feeling of that type of cock inside me. It was a little painful at points but at the same time very very pleasurable in ways that I havent felt before. I can tell you that I really enjoyed getting drilled by Jacobo, I totally forgot about the cameras and that I was actually making a video, wow. Finally, the warm cum over my butt was the cherry on top of the cake!Amazingly getting drilled by Jacobo, I hope you enjoy this video Hunters!

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Duration: 20:14
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Beefcake Hunter - Getting drilled by Jacobo
Beefcake Hunter - Getting drilled by Jacobo

Beefcake Hunter - Getting drilled by Jacobo
Beefcake Hunter - Getting drilled by Jacobo

Beefcake Hunter - Getting drilled by Jacobo

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