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Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - The Calling Studio: Mormon Boyz
Elder Dudley doesnt for one moment regret becoming a missionary, but he cant help thinking sometimes about all the fun other boys his age are having while he works his butt off, day in, day out. He knows that his buds from high school are going to college, having sex, and throwing wild parties.

But Elder Dudley is a Mormon. Even though he was one of the most popular boys in high school, he has decided to sacrifice two years of his life to serve a Mormon mission, where he has to live by a strict set of rules, wear a suit all the time and miss out on all the sex his friends are having.

As a handsome, athletic boy, Dudley has always gotten pretty much everything he wants. He was a starter on the basketball team. He teachers let him cheat on tests. He dated the hottest girls.

But suddenly the boy finds himself no longer in charge. He is expected to obey the leaders of his mission immediately and without question.

It has taken a little getting used to, but his man had also been an aggressive, domineering guy. So when he is told to do something he doesnt want to do, he just imagines his man gave the order and submits to their will.

After the boy has been in the mission a few months, he is called in to meet President Nelson at the temple for initiation into a special, secret order of the priesthood.

Suddenly everything he thought he knew about the church is turned upside down.

No sooner does the powerful man walk into the room than he orders Elder Dudley to take his clothes off.

Stunned, Elder Dudley hesitates a moment, which President Nelson doesnt like.

I told you to take off your clothes, he says.

And so Elder Dudley stands and, although hes ashamed, starts to undress for the man. To make it less humiliating, he pretends hes in the locker room at the gym getting undressed around other guys.

When Dudley is completely naked, President Nelson can see that although hes just a boy, his growing body is starting to grow into manhood. Hes a tall kid with a big frame, and it wont be long before the boy is a strong, muscular man.

But for now Elder Dudley may be a big, strong boy, but President Nelson is bigger. From head to toe, the older man is jacked.

He stands and runs his large hands over the boys body, and Elder Dudley is surprise to find he loves the feeling. He wants nothing more than to submit to President Nelson, to let the man take control.

When the President drops his pants and pulls out his giant, hard cock, Elder Dudley gasps.

Thats not going in my butt, is it? he wonders.

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Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - The Calling
Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - The Calling

Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - The Calling
Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - The Calling

Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - The Calling

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