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GayWarGames - Proper Drill #2 Simon gets his chest shaved. Then the officer walks him like a. Tied again he gets his butt hairs removed. Finally his body betrays him when Hannibal starts to fondle the pitiful recruit.

With his body tied and his head taped Simon slowly starts to get sober again. Hannibal is still raging and calling him names. The officer starts to tear the soldier's clothes into pieces. When he sees his hairy chest he almost freaks out. He grabs a razor and starts to shave the soldier. He moves the razor up and down and comes closer and closer to the recruit's private parts.

After a while he starts to untie the soldier. Get down on your knees! Simon's head is still taped to a rope. You are a. Nothing more but a dirty!Come on - move! The officer is walking Simon like a over the whole compound. He leads him to a remote building and ties him again to the wall. Now he starts to remove the hair from the humiliated soldier's ass. But he doesn't use a razor. He puts a lot of tape on the ass and tears out the hair by removing it fast. Once the butt is smooth he turns the soldier around and starts to fondle the dick. He plays with the soldier's nipples and gives him several face slabs.

To his own surprise Simon gets a hardon. So this is turning you on?You little Fag!I can't believe it. With his own body betraying him Simon is totally degraded now. The officer continues with his evil game. And for every sign of arousal Simon gets another face slab. Other soldiers pass by and make jokes about the poor recruit. What a humiliation.
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GayWarGames - Proper Drill #2
GayWarGames - Proper Drill #2

GayWarGames - Proper Drill #2
GayWarGames - Proper Drill #2

GayWarGames - Proper Drill #2

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