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Football Player Part 3. Fuck chamber (2012) Release Year: 2012
Cast: Yanni
Genres: Fetish
In the pillory and with his hands fixed Yanni gets a huge dildo rudely pushed into his anus. The torture continues with an intense flogging before they lead the humiliated guy into the fuck chamber.
Spit runs out of his maltreated mouth. He still is on his knees with two huge juicy cocks to please in front of his face. He gags and chokes and stumbles.
After a while Jimbo grabs the humiliated guy and leads him towards the dungeon. Move, now the real fun starts. When Yanni enters the room his features immediately freeze in terror. He struggles and fights but he has no chance when the soldiers fix him to the pillory. With his arms in the bench vises the helpless guy is full of fear. It will take a while and you will not like this! and Jimbo gets out a huge dildo. The room is hot and sweat covers the bodies of the soldiers. They push the oversized dildo deep into the virgin hole. The straight sports guy screams and moves but he is lost. Delivered to the mercy of his tormentors.
Seconds feel like minutes. Minutes feel like hours. When Jimbo takes his greedy hand away from the dildo he enjoys to watch how slowly and painfully it gets out of Yannis anus. Time for a good flogging now. Becko gets out his leather belt and starts to beat the guys back and ass. His begging and crying makes him even more horny. Now its Jimbos turn. With the belt in his hands he is raging like an animal. No mercy. Just pain. He wants to break the straight guy, to humiliate him before they enter the next stage of pleasure.
His ass is red colored by now and his back hurts like hell when they finally release him. They grab him again and push the stumbling, helpless guy upstairs. Towards a room which they call the fuck chamber...

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 13:04
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 4932kbps
Audio: 187kbps

Football Player Part 3. Fuck chamber (2012)
Football Player Part 3. Fuck chamber (2012)

Football Player Part 3. Fuck chamber (2012)
Football Player Part 3. Fuck chamber (2012)

Football Player Part 3. Fuck chamber (2012)

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