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» » NextDoorWorld - Mutual Touch - Max King & Scotty Zee
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NextDoorWorld - Mutual Touch - Max King & Scotty Zee With a knock at the door, Max Kings scheme kicks into gear. Scotty Zee is a hot guy Max has been checking out at the gym, and when he found out Scotty is a massage therapist, he booked him immediately for a session. But Max isnt just looking for a relaxing massage his real aim is to find out which way Scotty swings, and to see just how far Scotty is willing to go. As Scotty runs his hands down Maxs back, Max senses that Scotty is being more than just professional, and when Scotty confirms that he had a boyfriend but is single now, Max makes his move, reaching back and cupping Scottys cock through his pants. Scotty asks him what hes doing, and Max apologizes. Scotty assures him that hes a professional therapist, but tells Max hell make an exception, and with that, Max reaches into Scottys pants and pulls his cock out above the waistline, as Scotty runs his hand up Maxs thigh to his taint, massaging Maxs cock as he bends down to rim his client. Max closes his eyes and enjoys Scottys technique, just as Scotty rolls him over and takes his cock into his mouth. Max grows hard inside Scottys mouth, as Scotty deep throats Maxs dick. Max is getting hotter and hotter for Scottys cock to be inside him, so they switch up and Max sucks Scotty off until Scotty is nice and hard to do the job. Hard cock in hand, Scotty plunges his rod deep into Max who lay on the table face down. Scotty proceeds fuck Max from behind on the massage table as Max strokes himself. Scotty fucks Max just how he likes, sensual and gentle at first, and then eventually graduating to a hard pounding, and Max takes every hard inch with pleasure, until he spits his load all over himself, just as Scotty pulls out to wet him down with a second splash of jizz, just like he planned all along.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:01:25
Video: 960x544, AVC(H.264), 1764kbps
Audio: 187kbps

NextDoorWorld - Mutual Touch - Max King & Scotty Zee
NextDoorWorld - Mutual Touch - Max King & Scotty Zee

NextDoorWorld - Mutual Touch - Max King & Scotty Zee

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