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The New Breeders Studio: Spunk Video
We start off with two energetic boys, Wes and Marco. Wes is a long lean sandy blond twinkie type, while Marco is a chill dude who looks every inch of his Italian heritage. The boys start off with Wes wettin down Marcos wiener, slobbin all over it and getting it ready for his ass. Wes, being a little but slutty, has a tongue piercing, and teases Marcos throbbing meat with it. Marco then returns the favor, and goes down on Wes for a bit. Then the guys get acrobatic as they climb up on the couch and Wes spreads his hole wide open so Marco can shove his thick prick inside. Wes sits right down in the cock, and flings his leg wide to the right, so we can see all of the action. Wes jerks his own load on to his belly, while Marco delivers a hot facial which drips into Wess mouth.
Jesse is a hot young dude complete with chin fuzz and earring. Dylan is a delicious cute twinkie boy with apple rose checks and a cock that stays hard when he gets fucked. I loved putting these two guys together, as they really got into each other. The boys trade a little oral action, but the focus of this scene is anal. And what a perfect bubble ass Dylan has, it is the perfect receptacle for Jesses long penis. Jesse slides his slick cock in and pushes in balls deep into Dylans willing ass. I got some great close-ups of the hard pounding that Jesse gives Dylan, and I love how Dylans cock is rock hard as he takes like a man. Jesse delivers his load all over Dylans hairy hole, and shoves it deep, breeding the boy deep and thoroughly. Dylan then turns over and blasts a huge cum load all over Jesses face and lips.
Skyler is a lean fun-loving natural born bottom, and Miguel is a hot- Latino dude, who just loves to fuck. The two of them couldnt wait to get their clothes off, and into some deep fucking. Skyler sucks Miguels thick chorizo hard, chowing down like a baby devouring a pacifier. Miguel returns the favor while his own cock throbs in anticipation of getting inside Skylers tight hole. They trade blows back and forth, and I love the shots I got of Miguels rock hard and veiny abs, and his sexy tats. Skyler slobbers all over Miguels wide meat, and then hops up and sits right down on the cock, taking it to the root with no complaint. The way Skyler takes that dick just screams bottom boy. He rides the prick like a champ, and bangs his ass cheeks against Miguels hefty ball sack. The boys change up and Miguel takes over pumping his bottom bitch from below. Skyler spreads his ass sideways so we can see every thrust as it stretches him open. Later, Miguels puts Skyler on his back, and pumps his load into the boys ass inseminating him with his Latin load.
I put the scene with Chad and Cory right after the previous one because I love the contrast. The previous scene was a Latino top with a white bottom, and this one is the reverse with a Latino bottom and a white top. Chad is a young bottom who looks like he stepped right out of an OTB video, and the kind of bottom who knows his place and believes in the credo that gay sex is all about pleasing the top. Cory is a strawberry blond with a beautifully long nice inch cock. Chad does some deep throat on Corys smooth rod, being ever so careful to worship the cock properly, and after dutifully wetting it down, prepares to be mounted from behind... I got my favorite shot of the long dong sinking into lightly furry butt. This is some great fucking, as Cory gives Chad long deep strokes. At one point, as Cory is using his ass solely for his own pleasure, Chad looks up at me and says, I love bareback and it was just one of those amazing moments that could only happen on a porn set. Cory flips Chad over and starts to really fuck him now, the prelims are over, and its time for some serious ass banging. When its time to cum, Cory pulls out and delivers a massive load all over Chads hole, and theres so much semen that it drips down on the couch. His man sated, Chad can finally pay attention to his own dick, and he rubs one out before the man juice on his hole has dried. Cory than shoves his cock back inside, making certain that Chad is thoroughly bred.
Ma is one of those models who are just beautiful. Another strawberry blond, Ma is fully versatile: bottom, top, whatever, its all good to him. Jesse is the same model from the previous scene with Dylan, and you didnt realize that Jesse is a little fuck pig, you will now. These young guys were totally into each other, and cover boy Ma is just so beautiful to look at, it was a joy to film these two fresh boys together. Ma was hot to go and was hard from the get go. Jesse dives right in and starts sucking Mas blond cock. Ma obliges with some sucking of his own, and the boys get down to some hot 69 action. Jesse wets down Mas hole, which he just loves, getting it ready for fucking. Ma is really tight, and he pulls his cheeks apart to make some room for Jesses hard cock. The duo does a standing fuck, and Mas hard cock shows just how much he loves it. The guys switch up, and Ma gets on his back, and really works his anus well. Now its time for the promised versatile action, and they guys trade off, with Ma standing and holding Jesses ass up to his cock. Jesse doesnt seem to mind taking the dick, as he jerks his rock hard dick as Ma fucks him. Ma pulls out and cums all over Jesses hole, while Jesse shoots all over Mas beautiful mug.
The New Breeders is my homage to the great fucks flicks from the classic era, and the best of my films to date. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:23:38
Video: 720x480, DivX 3, 2351kbps
Audio: 93kbps

The New Breeders
The New Breeders

The New Breeders
The New Breeders

The New Breeders

File size: 1.5 GB

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