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Club Inferno  Powerfist (1998) Release Year: 1998
Cast: Chris Ward, Frank Sylvano, Galen, Jarred Wright, Mack Kurtis, Mark Evrett, Steve Winston
Genres: Anal Sex, Big Cock, Buttplay, Fisting, Group Sex, Hairy, Jock, Jockstrap
In a nice San Francisco home(classy wallpaper, classy bedsheets, classy buttplugs)Winston has misplaced a rather large dildo. Wonder where it could be?As if by the sort of magic David Copperfield would balk at, he produces the sixteen inch wonder from inside boyfriend Wrights ass. Sums up exactly what youre gonna be seeing in the next seventy minutes really. The lights are on the fritz and the electrician has been called. A quick bit of fisting(OK, ten minutes worth)and the sheets are soaked with elbow grease. Never mind the electrician, call the dry cleaners.

Anyway, along comes Kurtis, the electrician, wandering straight into the bedroom. Its Frisco; no-one bats an eyelid. Winston hands him a huge strap on dildo to fuck our accommodating homo homeowner. He gets on the cellphone and calls up co-workers Ward and Sylvano to help out.

When they arrive Ward stumbles upon Evrett. The sight of him sweeping leaves inflames the passions - hey, some people are just kinky. After some were introduced to a bizarre spectacle which I feel will be commonplace in all these movies. Ward has created some ingenious sex toys by sticking buttplugs on the end of his powertools. Everett gets to grips with them, especially the hammer drill with the huge black dildo on the end. After exploring Wards hole with them, he offers himself to be fisted by our hairy redheaded hunk. The ultrasweet Evrett is punch-fucked on the kitchen table, his dick remaining rock hard throughout as we see our first rectal prolapse - which is given tons of love and affection.(Youre not seriously gonna lick it are you, Ward?)

Meanwhile the yummy tall dark and sexy Sylvano, who looks far too conservative to be doing anything like this, is busy on the stairs with Galen. Sylvano, dressed in flattering black jock gives a two-handed approach to his antics.(The other day I wrote a review wondering if fisting was in danger of becoming the new vanilla. Oh god, was I wrong.)And the gorgeous Sylvano obviously trained with a master. Fun verbal too.

Eventually everyone ends up in the master bedroom, the three electricians and Winston frenziedly fucking, sucking and fisting their way through the roommates. The sight of Sylvano up to his elbow in Evrett will keep me warm on many cold winter nights to come. How about a private show guys?Ill buy the cosmopolitans!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:11:31
Video: 716x484, AVC(H.264), 1875kbps
Audio: 161kbps

Club Inferno  Powerfist (1998)
Club Inferno  Powerfist (1998)

Club Inferno  Powerfist (1998)
Club Inferno  Powerfist (1998)

Club Inferno  Powerfist (1998)

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