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» » Ransom Part 3. Gag and choke (2012)
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Ransom Part 3. Gag and choke (2012) Release Year: 2012
Cast: Aleksandar
Genres: Fetish
The long deep-throat makes Aleksandar gag and choke. He has to take both huge dicks at the same time. Then they tie him to the wooden table and cover his vulnerable naked body with hot wax to make him really scream.
The arrogant cunt doesn't look so arrogant anymore. His face is all wet from water, sweat and pre-cum. He still kneels on the table and gets a deep-throat of a special kind. The spit runs out of his mouth and he is catching for breath. Come on lil boy, now take both of our cocks! Becko commands and the soldiers push their meet deep into the guys chops.
Aleksandar was close to throw up when he felt somebody grabbing for his hands. It was just Becko who cut the duct-tape but just to push the guy on the table and tie him to the metal grid. Then Ivan comes back bringing a few candles. Now lets check how much you can take...
And when they light the candle they enjoy the fear in their slaves eyes. How desperate, how broken, how adorable that boy. Suddenly a scream Ivan started to let the hot wax drop down onto Aleksandars stomach. Then Becko follows. They go for his chest, his knees, his arm pits, his nipples... they have time and want to show it. Then they turn him around on his stomach. The soldiers now aim for his butt, his legs and who knows what else...

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 10:37
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 4932kbps
Audio: 187kbps

Ransom Part 3. Gag and choke (2012)
Ransom Part 3. Gag and choke (2012)

Ransom Part 3. Gag and choke (2012)
Ransom Part 3. Gag and choke (2012)

Ransom Part 3. Gag and choke (2012)

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