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Fitlads 2 Release Year: 2
Studio: Staxus, Fitlads
Cast: Preston Matthews, Troy Bolton, Kallum Ash, Craig Freeman, Anthony Clarke, Lukas Layton, Aaron Slater, Matt Anderson
Genres: Anal Oral Sex, Cumshot, Sucking, Group Sex, Twinks, Big Balls, Big Cocks
"Britain once again bes the watchword for chavish debauchery, as a second collection of horny members of the UK's underclass engage in a sordid series of ball-busting, cock-draining encounters. Tattooed and blinged, these foul-mouthed youths are the cream of their nation - producing it in copious amounts as if to underline the point.

To say that either of these young ruffians value the traditions of courtship and romance would be to stretch the limits of belief to breaking-point - at least if this terrific performance is anything to go by. For less than five minutes after meeting at a bus-stop(of all places)the two handsome dudes are feeding off each other's cocks in the depths of some high-rise flat nearby. Five minutes further on and they're fucking each other's brains out!For sure this is speed-dating on acid. A 10-minute "relationship," where the embarrassment surrounding getting to know someone never even features for mere lack of time. Indeed, the initial passing glance between them seems more than enough to confirm what the other needs: a sweaty, ball-busting, ass-slamming suck-and-fuck session that results in a great deal of grunting, groaning and a pair of very empty(but unquestionably happy)sacs. Which is exactly the result!
We all know what workmen are like. The minute your back is turned they're up to all sorts of tricks - supping, chatting about last night's football, and(as is the case in this particular instance)sucking each other's thick, uncut cocks!Preston Matthews makes a much-wee return from the first installment of Fit Lads as one half of a very randy pair of work-mates who literally can't keep their hands off each other once their boss has left them to their daily tasks. Indeed, the guy's hardly out of the door when they're tugging down their pants and gorging on the juicy meat inside. Not that young Matthews is content with his colleague's knob-end tickling the back of his throat. As in the original, he's not truly happy until he's bouncing up and down on someone's lap - a desire that the copiously hung Wilkin is only too willing to fulfill, stuffing the young scally's ass to the max before squirting spunk in every direction!
It's no big secret that the inter can be a dangerous place, with all sorts of na'er-do-wells lurking in chat-rooms, waiting to take advantage of us. But it's also the perfect opportunity to meet likeminded souls who share similar interests and passions - such as engaging in wanton fornication withplete strangers!An activity that clearly appeals to guys such as Keiron Griffin and Kristian Kerner, whose brief encounter begins(as so often with the members of Generation Bling)with the click of the mouse. Indeed, no sooner have these two hot cock-hunters linked up over the inter than they're meeting up for real - takingplete advantage of the opportunity to slurp on each other's juicy, uncut cocks and heavy-laden balls. What's more, such is the haste involved with this horny link-up that all the action takes place with socks and baseball caps still impeccably positioned. A chav is a chav, it seems, even in the course of wild, sweaty, sex!But that, of course, is why we love them...
Arguably the hottest pairing of the entire picture, these two dark-haired wonders possess everything that makes for perfect porn: gorgeous physiques, thick, uncut cocks, and a touch of nonchalant arrogance that all the very best scallies possess. Indeed, these two boys hold such cocksure qualities in spades; as they kick off their cum-draining session playing together in the bath, before heading off to the bedroom to engage in more intimate antics. If anything, the lily-white linen they cop off on makes their somewhat sordid suck-and-fuck frolics all the more engaging, but chances are you'll be too busy tugging on your own meat to either notice or care. And why not?Wanking over this couple of young British beauties has to be the most natural act of appreciation imaginable - and at no point more so than when the lads reach the point of no return and empty their tight, heavy balls. In short, a coupling that wet dreams are made of. "

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Duration: 1:27:10
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Fitlads 2
Fitlads 2

Fitlads 2
Fitlads 2

Fitlads 2

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