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Banker Part 4. Sex slave (2012) Release Year: 2012
Cast: Gianfranco
Genres: Fetish
The banker undergoes an accurate strip search. The soldiers make him feel their disrespect. Soon another inmate bribes the guard to get Gianfranco into his cell. Fresh meat to use and have fun with. He chains him to the bed and starts to fondle and dildo fuck his new sex slave.
Gianfranco is shocked. During the strip search the soldier tears his suit apart. Rudely and disrespectful Becko pushes the almost naked guy into the cell block. Then Gianfranco even needs to take off his undies in front of the hungry eyes of another inmate.
Borislav was arrested for robbery half a year before. Once they put someone into the remand prison it can take a long time before a criminal case is even opened. But he found a way to make his situation quite comfortable. His wife smuggles some money into the prison from time to time so he can afford a better treatment by the guards.
When he saw the lean body of Gianfranco he almost got aroused immediately. Becko, please just one second... and Becko knows quite well what will happen next. Borislav bribes him with a few bucks to get the fresh meat into his cell. Becko agrees as always. He pulls the confused banker out of the cell and pushed him right onto Borislavs bed. The door closes and all he can see is an evil grin in his cellmates face. Becko leaves the room and both inmates all alone.
Borislav grabs below his mattress. He is well prepared and equipped by the guards. He takes out cuffs and chains Gianfranco to the metal bed. The banker is too frightened to resist especially as Borislav is much stronger then he himself. Greedy hands fondle the vulnerable body and undress him with a single grip. He starts to kiss him. To lick him and finally to fondle his hole. Suck me be tender! and Gianfranco obeys. Soon after Borislav gets a dildo out which he hides in his cell. He rudely pushes it into the bankers ass. He is aroused like hell and is now ready to go for his new sex slave.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:03
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 4932kbps
Audio: 187kbps

Banker Part 4. Sex slave (2012)
Banker Part 4. Sex slave (2012)

Banker Part 4. Sex slave (2012)
Banker Part 4. Sex slave (2012)

Banker Part 4. Sex slave (2012)

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