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» » Ransom Part 1. The barn is dirty and cold (2012)
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Ransom Part 1. The barn is dirty and cold (2012) Release Year: 2012
Cast: Aleksandar
Genres: Fetish
Tied to a dirty chair in a deserted barn Aleksandar is hold to ransom. As he tries to resist his masters they need to restrain him. Beaten up and tortured Aleksandar gets suspended. They give him a good caning and finally break the fractious guy when they simulate to drown him.
The barn is dirty and cold. It has been almost a whole day since they brought him to this place. They undressed him, put him on a chair, tied and blindfolded him. But then they left.
Aleksandar is the youngest of the mayor of a small town not far from the border to Russia. His is considered a rich man as he is engaged in smuggling brandy for many years now. Aleksandar started his studies of economics two years ago at the University of Novo Sazky. Last night in a tavern he and woke up at the back seat of a car. So far he can remember.
Suddenly he hears some voices. Somebody enters the barn. The steps are getting closer. Soon he feels some hands touching and grabbing his body. Aleksandar tries to resist as good as he can. He moves and struggles a lot.
Ivan and Becko entered the room and now they want to have some fun with their toy. They fondle the guy, touch his private parts and remove his gag and blindfold. Aleksandars eyes are filled with anger and disgust. He spits at the guys and calls them names. But Becko only gets pissed by the guys misbehavior. Nobody talks to him like this especially not this arrogant cunt. One slap and another one and finally it gets time to teach him a good lesson. They suspend him upside down to the metal winch to give him a good caning. Now bring the water tub!. And Ivan pulls the heavy bucket to just place it right under the guys head. Down with the winch now!
The guys head is dipped into the freezing cold water. His body shakes and his muscles are tense. They keep his face under water for a while to cool him down. You feel better now, bitch? And so they repeat the torture again and again. And the arrogant straight guy is nothing more but a frightened and shaking piece of meat by now...

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:08
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 4932kbps
Audio: 187kbps

Ransom Part 1. The barn is dirty and cold (2012)
Ransom Part 1. The barn is dirty and cold (2012)

Ransom Part 1. The barn is dirty and cold (2012)
Ransom Part 1. The barn is dirty and cold (2012)

Ransom Part 1. The barn is dirty and cold (2012)

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