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Mormon Boyz - Elder White - Bonds of Studio: Mormon Boyz
Of all the rooms in the Mormon temple, the Seed Chamber is perhaps the most important. Its the room where chosen boys enter into a covenant with the men of The Order that seals their bond and admits the boys to that very special.

To enter the room, which sits at the highest point in the temple, initiates must crawl through a narrow passage on their hands and knees, almost totally naked.

Since the room is a carefully protected secret, before boys enter the room they are asked do you agree to never share the secrets of the temple?

A boy must bow his head, and say yes.

At that point, initiates going through this ordeal enter the covenant room. A room they have never heard of, let alone seen.

When they drop to the floor and crawl through the tight space, they have no idea where they are going or what will be done to them.

Elder White is no exception. He has already been through a intense sex marathon, and part of him wants it to be over, though another part of him wants it to go on and on forever.

So when he crawled into the Seed Chamber and saw President Oaks and President Nelson, he was really excited in spite of the throbbing in his thoroughly abused ass.

The boy looked at both of his priesthood leaders, men he trusts as much as he trusts his own man, and he knew that even though they looked stern, they both wanted to get in his hole and soak him in their cum.

Thats exactly what he wanted, too. It was only a question of who would penetrate him first.

But in the intimate bonds of shared by the men of the Mormon priesthood, theres no jealousy and no competition.

After President Oaks had completed his breeding of the boy, it was time for President Nelson to also seed the boy.

But that didnt stop Oaks from stroking another one out into Elder Whites open mouth. And as Nelson pushed his massive tool into the boy, Oaks was there to stand by and hold open the boys legs.

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Mormon Boyz - Elder White - Bonds of
Mormon Boyz - Elder White - Bonds of

Mormon Boyz - Elder White - Bonds of
Mormon Boyz - Elder White - Bonds of

Mormon Boyz - Elder White - Bonds of

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