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Camping In Finland Studio: Sevp
A number of characteristics hold true for every scene in SEVP's Camping in Finland:(1.)all the boys are between 18 and 20,(2.)all the fucking is bareback,(3.)the preferred mode of climax is always on someone's face, and(4.)all the men inexplicably shout out their pleasure in English. This said, there is still a wide variety of sex here, including three couples and two threesomes, and only one boy appears more than once.
This boy, a brunet with a striking face and man body, starts things out with a blond fellow(no names are ever matched with faces here), and both sport awfully studly builds for an SEVP video. Oh, well: variety is the spice of camping, so these two go at it gladly, with the blond's nailing the brunet first, then reverse cowboy, and finally side-by-side.
Next we find a couple of attractive blonds playing what appears to be strip 21. One of the guys is twinky thin, with a cute pencil dick, while the other is notably older and more muscular. In a nice reversal of expectations, the twink grabs the stud and works him over in the same positions as the previous scene.
Now the brunet from scene one is chopping wood. A blond boy with big hair tries to de-pant him from behind, only to realize that he is sporting wood of his own. An erotic scene ensues, with the brunet obviously enjoying himself as he fucks the blond's tight hole bareback, grunting and moaning, his balls drawn tight against his body.
Three twinky boys who look like they could be s meet up in the woods for the fifth scene, an energetic threeway. But while this and all the other scenes in the video are good, SEVP has saved the best for last. Two very attractive twinks in camouflage, a blond one with a military haircut and boyish face and the other a brunet with a creative haircut and a great body, are playing backgammon. It is clear from the start how much the brunet likes to fuck, and he slowly sucks off his friend, until an older boy with stringy hair joins them. All three engage in the most anal play of any scene here, which is arousing, although the moment when both boys look right at the camera as they're fucking must take the cake as the time when you're most likely to cum spontaneously.
To sum up, this one deserves a place in the Euro twink enthusiast's collection, and the last scene should belong to anyone who treasures great threeways. And after seeing this, I know I'll take a better view of camping from now on!
The company that gave us the Power Boys series serves up another naughty barebacking romp featuring a delicious lineup of freshly plucked Scandinavian lads. Eleven horny boys head to the woods for some forest friskiness. There's lots of foreskin swallowing, ejaculate tasting and condomless fucking.
Highlights include a scene in a tent during which a hairless wiry twink makes a muscular buff daddy his wincing ass bitch, then rewards him with a pearly goatee. In return, muscles drops a thick, gooey wad of cream into twink's waiting, gaping mouth. There are also two writhing three-way sessions back-to-back, with each one climaxing in double-glazed faces. Pun intended.
Technical aspects are merely satisfactory and some of the amateur boys seem in more eager spirits than others, but the thrill of the rampant barebacking and cream slurping more than makes up for its rudimentary production values.

Format: MPEG
Duration: 1:29:28
Video: 352x240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps

Camping In Finland
Camping In Finland

Camping In Finland
Camping In Finland

Camping In Finland

File size: 892.9 MB