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Mr Saku Basu - Chuo Yugetsu Release Year: 2015
Now this one is pretty damn weird. I suggest getting this one purely for the entertainment value.
Some archeologists are exploring a ruin and come across a large spinning red crystal and 2 clear crystals with a female body in each one.

Now what would I do in this situation?I'd call the cops, call the government, tell them there's some weird shit going on in this dig site. I certainly wouldn't interact with the crystals with no sort of defensive weaponry.

And yet that is what these archaeologists do. Well the encased female succubi come out and suck them off. All in all a good day for an archaeologist.

Who this was not a good day for is the rest of the world. 'Cause from fucking nowhere tons of succubi invade the world. A group of heavily armored soldiers assemble to combat the succubi. That's when the mud T-rex attacks.

So far this is proceeding along the classic Japanese plot line where shit doesn't make sense.

Anyway, some soldiers get captured and have sex with the succubi(I wouldn't say against their will)since that's what succubi do I guess.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:58:45
Video: 1280x1024, Windows Media Video 9, 4199kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Mr Saku Basu - Chuo Yugetsu
Mr Saku Basu - Chuo Yugetsu

Mr Saku Basu - Chuo Yugetsu
Mr Saku Basu - Chuo Yugetsu

Mr Saku Basu - Chuo Yugetsu

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