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MormonBoyz - Elder White - The Covenant Studio: MormonBoyz
Elder Whites journey hasnt been easy, but it has been deeply satisfying.

The secret, erotic rituals performed in Mormon temples symbolize the passage from darkness to light.

As obedient boys go from one sexual trial to the next, they get progressively closer to manhood and to full fellowship in The Order.

The most recent leg of Elder Whites quest led him into a very dark room where he confronted the infamous priesthood stretcher.

Enduring the stretcher serves several purposes.

Its an act of love, teaching the sexually inexperienced boys about the pleasure of anal stimulation.

Its a form of penance for Mormon boys many sins, especially sexual sins.

Its a final lesson in obedience for Mormon boys.

And finally its a great way to open up Mormon boys beautiful behinds for their older leaders to exploit.

And President Oaks had exploited Elder Whites beautiful ass. After their hot session, the boy could hardly stand. He waited for the men to get dressed and leave, and then he fell asleep naked on the floor.

When he woke up, a temple worker was waiting beside him. He dressed the boy in a clean, white robe and made him crawl on his hands and knees through a small door.

Entering the bright white Seed Chamber, Elder White knows he is very close to experiencing the love and fraternity that come with making the Covenant. His whole life he has longed for the intimacy among men that is the primary principle of The Order.

President Oaks and President Nelson are waiting for him, and Oaks gently but firmly takes Elder white by the head and leads him on hands and knees to the edge of the bed, where he tells the boy to wash his feet.

Elder Whites hands are trembling as he kneels before Oaks and runs a wet towel over his feet.

He would do anything to be close to the man, and to learn how to be like him.

And President Oaks knows exactly how to teach the boy what he needs to know

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MormonBoyz - Elder White - The Covenant
MormonBoyz - Elder White - The Covenant

MormonBoyz - Elder White - The Covenant
MormonBoyz - Elder White - The Covenant

MormonBoyz - Elder White - The Covenant

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