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Hazed Studio: Jocks Studios
Fraternity hazing gets sexy with some serious ly love, compliments of the incomparable Chi Chi LaRue and his posse of faux-Greeks. An eye-pleasing blend of porn favorites and eager newcomers make this fraternal fuckfest a treat for several of the senses. The perennially studly Harper is right on as the smutty ringleader of a group of well-coiffed fraternity s who put their horny pledges through the paces.
After filling the pledges mouths with chocolate sauce, cucumbers and hot, the unsuspecting guys are to pee in cups and then ingest apple juice(thinking its really pee)! After all that craziness its on to the really fun part of the initiation - oral sex!
From here on in, its basically a non-stop orgy with some excellent sucking, rimming and a bit of fucking.
Whether giving or receiving, everyone is really into what theyre doing. Both Majors and Clark possess supersized schlongs, and the boys eagerly swallow them with gusto. Particularly notable is Nemeth(young, dark-haired, slender)who devours dork like a demon. Everyone sucks everyone, and the camerawork does a fine job of capturing all the action. After the sucking, the pledges go heiney-up so that their ass-hungry s can chow down. This escalates into a major rimfest, with winking rosebuds and flickering tongues filling the screen.
Enter Mr. Rush. This mega-muscular dreamboat is a walking fantasy in his football garb. Rather than take a post-game shower, Rush decides he could get cleaner by having the pledges tongue bathe his anus. The boys then prove they really are Greek by engaging in a cherished fraternity ritual buttfucking!The star bottom here is Paris, who gets it fore and aft from a procession of his future s, before getting splattered with their spunk.
Though there is some slight variation in coloring and body type amongst the men, the gang is pretty homogenous overall: young, pretty, buff and mostly smooth. The whore paint, especially on Paris, is a bit overwhelming, but the guys really are a handsome bunch and they do their jobs splendidly.

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