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» » The Psycho Doctor Part 2. Broken boys (2012)
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The Psycho Doctor Part 2. Broken boys (2012) Release Year: 2012
Cast: Ilja, Sascha
Genres: Fetish
Still suspended upside down Ilja gets heavily beaten up. The soldiers fondle and touch him everywhere. Then they bring in his mate Sascha who they put into a straitjacket. They make the boys sniff their cocks before they undress them. They move on with nipple torture and an intense blow-job.
His legs and feet hurt like hell. Ilja is still suspended with the cable winch upside down. The moved into his head and above all the guys around seem to freak out and beat him like hell. At the same time they touch and fondle him all over. His body, his nipples, his ass and his hole. He struggles a lot. But the more he fights the tighter the ropes get. The gagged boy tries to cry but there is now chance.
Bring in the other idiot! Carl commands and Mecko and Becko leave the room. They open the door to the cell where they have put in Sascha before. He is restraint in a straitjacket and unable to move his hands. But still he tries to resist which makes Becko even more angry. So he pushes the guy right into the torture chamber making him almost fall. Once they put him on the metal bench they immediately start to play with their second toy. It takes a while for the frightened Sascha to calm down but finally he realizes that there is no point in resisting.
Mecko unzips the jeans. When he takes them off the boys penis and testicles are on display. At the same time Becko pushes Iljas head towards his penis making him sniff the dirty soldier meat. No, little boy, this is not a girls pussy this is rock hard Tchukistani dick that only waits for you he thinks finally removing the gag. Suck it he commands and the broken boy obeys and sucks like a woman.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 13:40
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 4745kbps
Audio: 375kbps

The Psycho Doctor Part 2. Broken boys (2012)
The Psycho Doctor Part 2. Broken boys (2012)

The Psycho Doctor Part 2. Broken boys (2012)
The Psycho Doctor Part 2. Broken boys (2012)

The Psycho Doctor Part 2. Broken boys (2012)

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