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Chris Jansen and Joshua Levy New boy Chris Jansen clearly enjoys a bit of cruising in the local park but its a pastime that doesnt go without its reward when he encounters none other than the ever-delicious Joshua Levy. Within minutes the two fellows are smooching away like a couple of horned-up alley-cats; before heading off to a nearby apartment, where their antics become(not unnaturally)much more intimate in nature. Jansen, in particular, clearly cant wait to get his new-found buddys dick out of his pants; and before you know it the young Dane still donning his jockstrap! is providing his Czech host with a badly-needed oral massage.
Its a move that could never fail to inspire a chap like Levy, of course, who we already know very much appreciates the adoration of a horny fucker; and matters only intensify still further when Jansen turns his attention to his buddys balls, which he sucks and worships with undisguisable gusto. Little wonder that the pair are very soon prostrate on the sofa, 69-ing each other like a couple of over-sexed animals; before Levy adds an element of kink by using one of his ornaments to invade Jansens hungry ass-hole.
Not that this lad from Copenhagen is going to be ultimately satisfied with teasing, of course. What hes wanted from the start is Levys cock deep inside him an ambition that his newly-discovered fuck-buddy is soon fulfilling in a series of sexual positions, and which ultimately results in Jansen squirting all over his jocks mid-fuck. But its Levys conclusion a stupendous wad of spunk across Jansens face that surely steals the show!

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Chris Jansen and Joshua Levy
Chris Jansen and Joshua Levy

Chris Jansen and Joshua Levy
Chris Jansen and Joshua Levy

Chris Jansen and Joshua Levy

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