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» » The Psycho Doctor Part 1. Good way (2012)
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The Psycho Doctor Part 1. Good way (2012) Release Year: 2012
Cast: Ilja, Sascha
Genres: Fetish
Ilja and Sascha have been swigging all night. In a deserted corridor they were overpowered by masked soldiers. Brought to a remote torture chamber they find themselves bound, stripped and fondled before they were suspended upside down.
Ilja loves to hang around. With his friend Sascha he has been the whole night. It is a good way to get along with all the frustration inside. No job no future. But even his friend Sascha who at least has a job as a cook in a local restaurant can hardly cover all his bills with the small salaries in Tchukistan these days. But tonight all worries are gone with the bottles in their hands. Gone just until midnight. The young men sit in the corridor near the main entrance of a deserted old house when they suddenly hear steps approaching them. Just a few seconds later two masked soldiers stand in front of them. They steal their bottle and check they guys. With a few grips they push them to the ground to handcuff and blindfold their catch.
somehow Ilja wakes up with a strange guys face in front of him, His heart is beating like hell filled with terror and fear. He cant move as he is bound to a table. The greedy hands of a guy dressed like a doctor start to touch him. He pulls his sweater up and squeezes his nipples. Ilja tries to scream but the poor duct taped boy can not say a single word. And where is his friend Sascha?What did happen to him?
Yes, Carl once again indulges his passion of torturing innocent guys from the street. He payed Mecko and Becko to bring him fresh young meat. He starts to rip off Iljas underwear and strokes the guys penis. He obviously enjoys his power over the helpless and embarrassed straight boy laying in front of him. Calling for Becko he now wants to move Ilja into a more pleasing position. They use ropes to tie up his feet and fix them to a cable winch. Ilja tries to protest as good as he can but soon after he finds himself suspended upside down. The gang starts to rip off all his clothes, touch his ass and spank him.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 14:07
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 4932kbps
Audio: 187kbps

The Psycho Doctor Part 1. Good way (2012)
The Psycho Doctor Part 1. Good way (2012)

The Psycho Doctor Part 1. Good way (2012)
The Psycho Doctor Part 1. Good way (2012)

The Psycho Doctor Part 1. Good way (2012)

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