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DreamBoyBondage - Tony - Asian Food Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Tony is a beautiful 19-year-old Amerasian boy who answers an ad in the local college paper seeking "Young Male Models for Photoshoots." His tight t-shirt, cocky smile and amazing face and body immediately catch our attention. We can't believe our luck when he asks to juice the glass of "water" in front of him during his interview. Five minutes later the boy is chained spread-eagle, his beautiful uncut dick tied to the winch. The fun begins when he wakes up.
Tony lies exhausted on the bondage table, having been hung by his cock and balls for hours. But the poor boy's ordeal has barely begun. Soon every sensitive part of his body from his nipples to the tip of his cock is clamped hard. Then the clamps are ripped off and the real pain begins
After hours of torture on the bondage table, Tony is allowed to unshackle his naked body. He knows he can't escape, so he tries to convince his captor to stop hurting him and instead enjoy his beautiful 19-year-old body. His captor does just that, oiling the boy's cock and torso, but only after dragging the helpless boy into the dungeon.
Poor Tony can't believe he's held captive by a simple string around the neck. He struggles and pulls until his right wrist is handcuffed overhead. "You still got one free hand, boy!" barks his captor. "Get hard and maybe we'll loosen the string." The boy's beautiful cock grows plump, peeking out of its hood, but Tony's only reward is four spring clamps on his stiff member.
After spending the night tied to a pole in his cell, Tony is made back onto the bondage table, this time with his ankles bolted in the yoke. He again tries to ply his tormentor with his boyish charm, but soon he's screaming in pain as his beautiful feet are whipped mercilessly with the crop. You'll love the close ups of his soles and face as his feet are beat nonstop.
Tony's combination of muscular toughness and boyish good looks make him the perfect play toy. After beating his feet, we make Tony's butt high in the air and show him the flogger. The camera wanders from his face to his ass to his full body as we give him one of the longest, hardest whippings ever.
Beaten and bruised, Tony works his huge, uncut dick for over 25 minutes to deliver a huge load of cum. "Look, I did it!," the exhausted boy exclaims. "Now do what you promised and let me go!""
"Sure boy, we'll let you go," we reply, as we reattach the boy's wrist to the table and get out the whip. "In a week or two!"

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DreamBoyBondage - Tony - Asian Food
DreamBoyBondage - Tony - Asian Food

DreamBoyBondage - Tony - Asian Food
DreamBoyBondage - Tony - Asian Food

DreamBoyBondage - Tony - Asian Food

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