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Sold Boy Studio:
Cast: Martin Brawer, Ronald Laska, Kriss Stahl, Rivelli, George Michaelo, Felix Wallace, Lucky Lutro,
Genres: Nipple-Play, Sperm-Eating, Solo, Duo, Sucking, Blowing, Rimming, Bareback-Sex, Hard Fucking, Kissing, Spermkissing, Watersports, Piss-Drinking, Deep-Throat
Video language: English
Scene 1:
Ronsdorfer Str. the casting should be there, Ronald Laska told me. And then by lift to the third floor.Well, I`ve found it. And now I have to ring the bell, Martin Brawer thinks. When he arrives at the studio Ronald Laska welcomes him in person. He settles him to the casting and takes pictures of Martin. After the shooting they go to Ronald's place. He calls out to Martin Feel like at home, I'm going to have a shower Martin accepts this invitation at face value. He lays down on the bed and starts to playing with himself. The casting has made him so horny that he really would like to get rid of his sperm. He jacks off until his cock gets hard and then he plays with his hole. The idea of getting caught by Ronald while masturbating secretly makes him even hornier. He rubs his hard member more and more quickly. Then sperm comes out of his cock. Quickly, he wipes off the white juice using Ronalds underpants and settles back again as if nothing had happened. Exactly at this moment Ronald has finished to have his shower and enters the room. Martin thinks, well, now the hot action can start. But Ronald lets him unterstand nothings going to happen... now its time to sleep. A bit disappointed Martin turns around and vanishes in his dreams.....

Scene 2:
Whos that sweet guy whos pissing right now...?I think Ill watch him from the distance Martin Brawer thinks and puts himself next to him and starts to let off his urine. George Michaelo and he look into each others eyes and without losing time. George kneels down below Martin and gets the golden shower wash his mouth. With pleasure he plays with the yellow juice and then starts to suck Martins cock. Martin moans with pleasure and his cock is swelling. But he would like to blow too and so he pushes Georges cock into his mouth and starts to lick around it. In the meantime George takes down his trousers and fingers him. Martin gets hornier and hornier and wants to get licked. And so he turns round and lets his sphincter get played around. Martins horniness gets higher and higher so that he needs to pee again. He wets his trousers himself when George starts to fuck him. He pushes his cock quickly and hard into Martins arsehole and fucks him. Finally Martin wants to swallow sperm. He kneels down over Georges cock and sucks it. And also George wants to return the favour and lets Martins sperm come out. As a goodbye there is a big and wet sperm kiss.

Scene 3:
Mmh what is Felix Wallace doing on his own?Oh, now you can see, he is waiting for Lucky Lutro.They start to bitch around immediately. Felix tells Lucky what he has to do, namely suck his cock. He gives him a long and deep mouth fuck. Lucky is really excited and he feels his vesica is pushing. Willingly Felix lets him gush over him. The golden shower comes out like an arch shot. Then Felix plays around with Luckys cock and sucks his cock hard. He turns him around and licks his arsehole. Then he lets him sit on his hard erect cock. He fucks him hard. His hard member goes inside and outside Lucys sphincter. And now even Felixs vesica is pushing and so he pisses into Luckys arsehole. He likes getting put through the mill. Finally also Felix wants to get rid of the pressure. He pulls Luckys face towards himself and lets his cock get sucked, he masturbates until sperm comes out of his cock. Now Lucky wants to squirt off, too, but he still needs some more excitation. Felix likes that and so he pisses Lucky up from top to bottom. Meanwhile he squirts off his sperm and lets it drop into the urine puddle. He can still tolerate some humiliation and so Felix lets him lick up the whole sperm from the puddle. And thats not all... Martins hot dreams are to be continued....

Scene 4:
Martin Brawer alone in the studio as if!An old acquaintance is visiting, Ryvelli. And he has to peer at Martin first. He takes his clothes off slowly until he is completely naked. Ryvelli asks him in a derisive way if the cock is also available in hard. In order to help him Ryvelli sucks Martins cock until it gets hard. In the meantime he takes his clothes off too and Martin wants his black cock to get hard too. Martin doesnt need to be told twice and pushes the black cock into his mouth. He sucks the cock deeply and hard. In the meantime Ryvelli cares for Martins sphincter. He fingers him and licks his hole. But then they pack up cuddling. Ryvelli wants to fuck the little white hole. He turns Martin and pushes his black willy deeply into Martins hole. He fucks him hot and hard. His cock goes deeper and deeper into Martins sphincter. Martin screams with pleasure and Ryvelli fucks harder and harder. Then sperm is about to explode. Martin bends over Ryvellis cock and he sucks it. He wanks as long as the white juice comes out of his black skin. Martin licks everything up. The fuck has made Martin so hot that he finally wants to come too. He sits on Ryvelli and wanks until juice comes out of his cock.

Scene 5:
Some shots with George Michaelo, and Ronald Laska as a cameraman,... Martins dreamy fantasies are unlimited. Without hesitating he comes on to George. He opens his trousers and starts to blow hard his cock. He licks his armpits and his nipples. Slowly he takes all his clothes off so that George sits completely naked in front of him. He starts to play with his sphincter. He fingers him and licks Georges hole. In the meantime Martins cock is hard and so, without hesitating, he pushes his cock into Georges arsehole. He fucks him first slowly and then more and more intensely. George looks at him with a face contorted with pleasure and wanking. Martin Brawer fucks him more and more quickly. You can see pleasure in Georges face. He can hardly retain his sperm. He jerks off until finally sperm comes out of his cock. Martin licks the white deliciousness off Georges belly and gives him eventually a hot sperm kiss. Full of expectation Martin would like to squirt off too. He sits over George and masturbates his hard member. He rubs his cock more and more intensely until sperm comes out of his cock. They settle back satisfied and snog... but where on earth is George at once...?

But Martins dreams go on...

Scene 6:
Kriss Stahl in Martins dream?Oh, I see... Ronald Laska and Martin Brawer visiting Kriss Stahl. The three of them are sitting on the sofa. Boredom is unlikely to come up. Ronald Laska calls out to Kriss you can use him, he makes everything... Kriss has to try this out immediately and lets his hard cock get sucked by Martin. Martin does that willingly. He sucks Krisss cock up and down. He pushes the member up against his mouth. Kriss puts up with it and he is so hot that he has to come already. He lets the juice come out of his cock and makes Martin lick everything up. In the meantime Ronald cares for Martins hole. He fingers him and licks his hole. Then he pushes his cock into Martins tight minge and fucks him hard. He fucks him harder and harder. Martin screams with pleasure and pain. Ronald fucks him until sperm almost squirts. He takes his cock out of Martins hole and and lets the juice drop over his mouth. Martin licks off his pleasure stick but is still horny. Kriss likes it because now he want to get fucked once more. He sticks his arsehole towards Martin and waits for a hot fuck full of expectation. Martin fucks Kriss hard until his sperm comes out of his cock. Such a load of sperm that makes Martin hot. But now he would like to come too. He sits down next to Kriss and Ronald and masturbates his cock which is always hard. The two of them are playing with his nipples when his juice comes out of his penis.

Scene 7:
So many hot dreams have made Martin Brawer really hot. No wonder he wakes up with a morning glory... He checks very quickly if Ronals is still sleeping then he starts to play with himself. He fingers his hole and jerks his morning wood, the hot dreams have made him so horny. He masturbates more and more quickly until the white juice comes out of his cock. In doing so he hasnt even noticed that Ronald has woken up in the meantime. He smiles at Ronald mischievously and thinks who knows what my first shooting day at mans-art is going to look like....

Format: avi
Duration: 2:42:02
Video: 640x480, AVC(H.264), 1741kbps
Audio: 250kbps

Sold Boy
Sold Boy

Sold Boy
Sold Boy

Sold Boy

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