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Pale beauty Aria Alexander blindfolded The stunning Aria Alexander is back. And we couldnt be happier. Aria is a fashion model that turned to the dark side, as she found out that she likes dick more than she liked wearing clothes. We all win here today. Lets put this stunner through her sexual paces.
Aria is bound on her back, toes pointed towards the ceiling and creamy skin on display. We have a custom made wooden bondage device that our slut is shackled in that puts her at the perfect fucking height. Thick leather belts keep her firmly in place. Black electrical tape makes a blindfold and gag, cutting off all of her vision and turning her into a set of holes. Her flawless shaved pussy peeks out temptingly. We make full use of it.
One after the other two hard cocks step up and train out Arias tight hole. The bondage holds her tightly in place. She can not wiggle, she can not escape the dick. All she can do is take what we dish out. And what we have to dish out is relentless dick. Big hard cock takes every inch of her pussy, balls deep, as Aria moans and cums behind her strict gag. This model is now serving her true purposeas a cock sheath.
We pound out that pussy until she is wrecked. Our bound starlet is a twitching mess, stuffed full until she is dazed and delirious. There are definitely worse ways to spend the day than fucking fashion models in tight bondage. We really cant complain. And if Aria were to complain, we would not be able to hear much past that tape gag.

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:33
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Pale beauty Aria Alexander blindfolded
Pale beauty Aria Alexander blindfolded

Pale beauty Aria Alexander blindfolded

Pale beauty Aria Alexander blindfolded

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