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» » WHiggins - Borek Loskutak - Erotic Solo - 23-12-2013
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WHiggins - Borek Loskutak - Erotic Solo - 23-12-2013 Studio:
Borek Loskutak is aged 22 and he lives in Melnik. He works as a fireman and enjoys ice-hockey, soccer and sports in his spare time. He is a most handsome guy. He sits for his interview and then removes his shirt to show off a lovely chest, nicely covered in hair. Leaning back Borek rubs his hands over his groin and then opens his jeans and has a feel inside. As he gropes in those jeans his other hand runs over Borek's hot chest. He then pushes his jeans down and removes them completely. As his hand gropes so more we glimpse his balls a little. Then Borek stands and pushes the shorts down to show off the cock and balls. He wanks his cock and soon has it nice and hard. He sits back down and leans back to continue wanking. His abs are nicely shown as he feels over his chest as well. Moving his feet onto the sofa shows off Borek's ass, with a hand pulling the cheek aside to let us see his tight, hairy hole. Using both hands to spread the cheeks shows the hole perfectly, stretching it wide. He turns over and gets onto his knees to give a different view of the ass. He runs a hand all over the ass, and spanks it a couple of times. The hand runs up and down the crack, over that hot hole. Borek then sits on the edge of the soaf and wanks his cock to its full size and is soon shooting his cum all over the floor. Then he goes off to the shower to clean up. What a very sexy guy, and he gave us a very nice shoot too.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:32
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2494kbps
Audio: 108kbps

WHiggins - Borek Loskutak - Erotic Solo - 23-12-2013
WHiggins - Borek Loskutak - Erotic Solo - 23-12-2013

WHiggins - Borek Loskutak - Erotic Solo - 23-12-2013

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