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MormonBoyz - Elder White - Atonement Studio: MormonBoyz
Elder White cant believe that he has failed to make his way down the Priesthood Stretcher.

As he moved from peg to peg, each bigger than the last, he convinced himself that he would be able to complete this task and impress President Oaks and President Nelson.

But that last peg is just too big. No matter how hard he tried to relax his ass, he just couldnt make it fit.

President Nelson rubbed his back, encouraging him, but it was impossible.

Finally, he surrendered. His face inches from President Oakss face, he whispered, I cant.

Though Elder White is embarrassed to admit his failure, President Oaks is secretly pleased that this hot young Mormon missionary wasnt able to perform his assignment.

Since the Priesthood Stretcher proved to be too much for the boy, it will now be President Oaks who gets to plug his hole.

The clothed man already has an erection from watching the naked boy struggle. He knows how tight the boys hole is from personal experience, and hes eager to stuff his cock into his perfect backside.

And Elder White would do anything to earn his respect. President Oaks tells the boy to turn around and he obeys without delay. He drops his face down on the stretcher and lifts his ass in the air, right in President Oakss face.

As President Nelson watches Oaks play with the boys hole, he takes his suit off. Elder White turns to look at the mans beautifully sculpted body. Hes never seen anyone with so much muscle, and he starts to salivate as he remembers sucking Nelsons giant cock.

Once Nelson is completely naked, he sits back down to take in the view. President Oaks places a hand on the boys neck and turns him around. With one hand he pushes Whites face down, making Nelsons huge tool down the boys throat, and with the other hand he plays with the boys hole.

Watching the boy on Nelsons cock makes President Oaks leak precum. He pulls his dick out and makes Elder White suck him.

Sandwiched between the two big men, Elder White feels a little dizzy from all the attention.

The boy knows that he wont be leaving the room until one of the men has hammered his hole and then drenched him in cum. He smiles and wonders which it will be.

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MormonBoyz - Elder White - Atonement
MormonBoyz - Elder White - Atonement

MormonBoyz - Elder White - Atonement
MormonBoyz - Elder White - Atonement

MormonBoyz - Elder White - Atonement

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