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Jocks Video – Road Trip 14: Hollywood (2009) Release Year: 2009
Cast: Chasen, Damon Audigier, J.J., Jacob Wright, Jake Steel, Junior
Genres: anal, oral, general hardcore, condoms
Hurray for Hollywood and its casting couch with six new models ready for their close-up and much more!Actress Billie Burke(Glinda from The Wizard of Oz)had this to say about Hollywood: "To survive there, you need the ambition of a Latin-American revolutionary, the ego of a grand opera tenor, and the physical stamina of a cow pony." And that about sums it up for our six sex-crazed newbies hitting Tinsel Town and hoping to make it big in Jocks' Road Trip 14.

1. J.J., Junior
JJ's flown in from Denver and Junior's escaped the Texas heat to get this party started!After their brief intros, JJ is down on his knees and with stars in his eyes -- literally!-- he starts to suck on Junior's hot uncut pistol. Each slurp up and down the shaft makes it grow longer and firmer. Then they switch places. JJ lays back on the pool table as Junior grips his cock and swallows it whole, working on the dick head, really teasing it with his tongue and holding it tight between his lips. Then he he starts to rim JJ's ass, his tongue darting in and out of the hole. JJ is ecstatic and even moreso when Junior starts to fuck his ass. Junior's got his pole buried deep in JJ's back pocket as they rock back and forth. The duo stands up and finish themselves off, both of them blasting jets of juicy mancream.

2. Jake Steel, Chasen
Jake Steel's representin' the City of Love and Chasen's our big guy from Florida; both of them eager to make a big splash in Hollywood. It quickly becomes apparent that Jake really knows how to suck cock and all those groans and moans Chasen's making certainly proves it. He savors each sloppy lick, each run of his tongue up and down the shaft, each oral tickle of Chasen's balls. Then the guys trade places. JJ moves his hips to and fro so he can slide his dick through Chasen's lips; and the big guy knoshes on it hungrily. After a while Jake attacks Chasen's asshole, jabbing his tongue deep inside to tease and titillate. Then he mounts his partner and skewers himself onto his stiff rod to ride him hard and fast. They get up as Chasen still plugs away, fucking Jake's hole with firm and repetitive thrusts. The pain and the pleasure intensify until Chasen pulls out and cums across Jake's rump. And Jake answers with his equally impressive load.

3. Jacob Wright, Damon Audigier
We held Jacob Wright and Damon Audigier captive in their hotel room, knowing that they'd really let it all hang out and have a blast. Damon makes the first move, going down and nibbling on Jacob's cock, sucking down that tasty tidbit of throbbing love. Then it's Jacob's turn to service his buddy and he eagerly goes to town; his head bobs back and forth, his lips clenched tight around the tip of Damon's long dong. Damon lays back, spreads his legs and exposes his hole for Jacob to play with. The 'lil dynamo licks the wrinkled pucker and jams a finger inside, then munches on it some more. Damon is totally turned on and starts to fuck Jacob hard, making him whimper and gasp. After screwing Jacob in a variety of different positions, Damon pulls his cock out and showers spurt after spurt of his jism all over Jacob. And the mighty mite follows up with his own explosive blasts of cum.

4. Chasen(Hart), Damon Audigier, J.J., Jacob Wright, Jake Steel, Junior
All the guys confess their weekend in Hollywood has exceeded their expectations, with JJ even thinking about making a move out west. But for now, the guys are together, ready to make the final scene a showstopper!Jacob goes down on Junior; JJ does Jake; and Damon starts sucking on Chasen. They're all so into it that it's hard to tell which guy is enjoying himself more. The fellas break into two groups with Junior slurping on Damon's asscrack as he sucks Jake's cock. Chasen is the middleman on his team with Jacob feasting on his salami while he gets to savor JJ's joystick. The fucking frenzy then begins with Jake fucking JJ; Damon riding Chasen; and Junior putting the screws to Jacob. It's a free-for-all as they trade partners; all of them stars rotating around the other and then climaxing big the grand finale. How better to end this road trip than with another quote; this one from Jay Leno: "If God doesn't destroy Hollywood, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology!" Amen!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:27:31
Video: 856x480, AVC(H.264), 2027kbps
Audio: 123kbps

Jocks Video – Road Trip 14: Hollywood (2009)
Jocks Video – Road Trip 14: Hollywood (2009)

Jocks Video – Road Trip 14: Hollywood (2009)
Jocks Video – Road Trip 14: Hollywood (2009)

Jocks Video – Road Trip 14: Hollywood (2009)

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