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No Means No Studio: Bond Group Ltd.
Pesty Real Estate agent Sharon shows up on Jay Edwards doorstep trying to strong-arm him into selling but hes not interested. The aggressive agent wont take no for an answer and shoves her way in to take a look around his place. Bad move, girlie; Jay Edwards doesnt take kindly to nosy intruders!Before she knows whats what, Jay has Sharon firmly in hand. She struggles in disbelief as he begins wrapping her body in rope. "Let me go now and I wont call the police!" she warns. What a joke. This rotten realtor is going to get the attitude adjustment she so richly deserves!Stripped down to first her bra and panties, then to just her stockings and heels, Sharon receives several tight ropings from her new "owner." Shes also whipped thoroughly on her hips, pussy and tits, then soundly spanked on the ass with a leather slapper. By the time we find her bound kneeling and plug-gagged on a tall stool, shes lost most of her bitchy behavior, but she still seems to think shes calling the shots. "Ill do anything to make this sale," she purrs, before Jay shoves a huge wad of cloth into her mouth and seals it in with white med-wrap. Maybe a taut spread-eagle tie on the bed will quench that money-lust of hers!After the story we are treated to three scenes of lovely, long-legged Morgan!First we find her in sapphire blue lace lingerie, then shes in nothing but high heels and opera gloves as Jay works his magic on her body

Format: real
Duration: 1:29:25
Video: 512x340, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

No Means No
No Means No

No Means No
No Means No

No Means No

File size: 290.6 MB

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