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Matador Studio: All Worlds Video
I'm a daddy bear admirer myself, enjoy Eduardo and Anthony Gallo in all their glory.
An orgy of intoxicating imagery, smoldering sex, scintillating arousal, incredible sensuality, demonic intensity, seductive passion, and lustful romance. Michael Zen directs the beautiful, sexy and uncut Marcelo Reeves as the matador who is the object of desire.
The matador is in a church and confesses he's become obsessed with gay sex. The priest assures him it's just the devil tempting him and says that his only salvation will come once he is married.
Marcelo goes out to fuck a prostitute in order to prove his manhood, but his friend Eduardo spies all of the action and gets himself worked up. Elsewhere in Marcelo's house, Eduardo catches hunky chauffeur Hodge Armstrong fucking himself with a dildo and butt plug while watching Eduardo on television. Hodge doesn't stop working his asshole until he splatters a load of cum on the TV screen and all over Eduardo. Needless to say, Eduardo does not appreciate being the object of Hodge's obsession.
On his way to the bullfight Marcelo begins to fantasize about two of his fans, Ryan Wagner and Talvin DeMachio, having sex. Ryan worships Talvin's thick cock with his mouth and in turn Talvin rims Ryan's ass until it is begging for cock. He pounds the young stud until they both spew warm sticky loads of cum.
After the bullfight, Eduardo is massaging Marcelo, and Marcelo orders him to pay special attention to his cock. Eduardo gives the matador exactly what he asks for, a fantastic hand job while Marcelo is fantasizing about gay sex.
That night at a bar, Marcelo is watching Anthony Gallo and Chris Dano arm-wrestling. The bartender, Kyle Hunter, is watching their every move and soon the matador's imagination takes over. The three end up in a sexy threesome. Kyle eagerly sucks both of their dicks and then gives up his ass for a good hard pounding.
Across the bar tourist Paul Morgan is sketching pictures of Marcelo on cocktail napkins. When the bartender sees the drawings he immediately tells Marcelo about them. When the tourist has had one too many drinks and passes out Marcelo orders his driver to bring the gringo with them. The matador is taken with the blond American, and this obviously disturbs Eduardo, who is obsessed with the matador.
That night Marcelo dreams of an orgy with Eduardo, the American tourist, his chauffeur and two horned men, Max Grand and Matt Bradshaw as bulls given human form. The men take turns fucking Hodge's eager ass while Marcelo watches. When Marcelo sees Eduardo fucking the American tourist he can barely control himself. Eduardo pulls Marcelo into the fray so that all of the men can beat off and cover the matador with their creamy loads of jizz.
The matador wakes from his dream and is covered in sweat. He orders the tourist to show him the finished work of art. The painting is beautiful and he promises Paul that they will be together the next day after his bullfight.
In the end the matador and the tourist are reunited and the matador finally gets to experience his love with another man. The tourist eagerly sucks his massive uncut cock. The two 69 and make passionate love to one another. After rimming and spreading his ass open, Marcelo sinks his hard cock deep into the tourist, who moans in taking each and every inch over and over until they both shoot their loads.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:24:16
Video: 720x480, mp43, 1464kbps
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