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GayWarGames - The Agent #03 Brent gets his ass and butt-hole shaved. Already frightened and submissive he is now ready to give a good blow job. But first he gets fucked before they torture his balls and deep throat him.

Brent is still tied with his legs spread widely. The soldiers put foam on his hairy ass. They fondle his butt hole which is already widened by the previous fuck. Then they start to shave his ass. They want it clean and smooth. Suddenly Franks brings a canister with some inflammable liquid. He puts it all over the guy's body and even into his cherry. Brent is crying from humiliation, fear and pain. His ass burns like hell and the soldiers even sill play with it.

Now Frank wants to continue the fuck. His prisoner is now well prepared and his helpless and vulnerable position makes him even more horny. He pushes his dick inside and enjoys every single moan of the arrogant dealer. The martyrdom goes on for a whole while till they finally release the broken guy from this terrible position. Now Brent is frightened and submissive enough to give a good blow job. “Suck, little bastard, suck!” In the beginning he was still struggling and the soldiers had to use some breath control to open his mouth.

Finally Brent sucks. He sucks like a bitch. But Frank wants more. He wants the guy to choke and starts to really deep throat him. Spit is running out of the dealer's mouth. A lot of spit. Then they torture his cock and balls. The arrogant cunt is now nothing more but a humble piece of submissive boy meat. And the soldiers still want much more.
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 18:29
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 4882kbps
Audio: 187kbps

GayWarGames - The Agent #03
GayWarGames - The Agent #03

GayWarGames - The Agent #03
GayWarGames - The Agent #03

GayWarGames - The Agent #03

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