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GayWarGames - The Agent #01 Brent, a local drug dealer, enters a military compound and gets overwhelmed. Two sergeants tie, strip and fondle the guy. They spank and strangle him. “He will be a good Fuck.”

Brent is a young drug dealer. He also sells his dope in the local garrison. Some of the officers and many of the conscripts are among his customers. When Frank, a sergeant, refused to pay for some rubbishy pot he gave him just one week to bring the money. But Frank still didn't pay. Two weeks later Brent decided to teach him a lesson. He know that the sergeant was on watch at a nearby outpost.

The dealer took his gun, entered the compound and overwhelmed the soldier. “Where is my money. Do you think I?m a fool?” But Brent didn't know that another sergeant was present who watched the scene. He was sneaking up the guy. ”Hands up!Gun down!Now!” Brent was totally surprised and immediately obeyed all orders. Frank stood up and his eyes promised just one thing: revenge. Together with his comrade he dragged the arrogant dealer into the old factory. “Now we are alone. And now we will have some fun.” They tied him to a balk and slowly started to rip off his clothes. Piece by piece.

Then they start to torture the naked guy. They play with his cock and anus. And they beat him. Brent isn't such a strong gangster anymore. He is crying for help and from despair. Now he is completely delivered to mercy of the soldiers. Frank starts to touch the young guy everywhere. “Not bad. You will be a nice fuck.”
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 19:39
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GayWarGames - The Agent #01
GayWarGames - The Agent #01

GayWarGames - The Agent #01
GayWarGames - The Agent #01

GayWarGames - The Agent #01

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