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GayWarGames - The Agent #02 Brent gets stripped and tied, spanked and caned, humiliated and degraded. He gets fucked into his hairy virgin ass. The soldiers tie his legs behind a buttress. Time to shave this monkey.

The soldiers strip and tie the sportive guy. They know who he is and why he entered the compound. But they still treat him like a prisoner of war. Brent now gets spanked and gagged with a piece of wood. They keep beating him. This little arrogant cunt has to learn what it means to mess with them. They torture him in several ways. One soldiers puts a helmet on the guy?s head and starts to use it like a drum.

But the soldier want more. They want to humiliate the guy. Brent is told to kneel down and bend over. He feels greedy hands inspecting his anus. Then they start to spank him again. This time with a rope. “A good time to fuck your dirty virgin ass”. Brent cries and begs for mercy. But Frank, the soldier who owes him the money, already opened his pants and took out his hard dick. And he didn't hesitate to push it deep inside the prisoner's hole. What a pain. What a disgrace. The second guy holds Brent's head while his comrade fucks the poor dealer.

And as Brent keeps crying he gets several face-slaps.”Shut up, bitch!I wont' tell you a second time!” After a hard and long fuck they finally tie the guy again to the buttress. With his legs bound behind it. His ass is now on full display. “Watch this. What a hairy bastard!. It's time to give this monkey's ass a good shave.”
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 20:41
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 4882kbps
Audio: 187kbps

GayWarGames - The Agent #02
GayWarGames - The Agent #02

GayWarGames - The Agent #02
GayWarGames - The Agent #02

GayWarGames - The Agent #02

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