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Damon Tests Sadie Hard Studio: Society Sm/Dungeoncorp
DC resident dominant and rigger, Feenix is called into action to handle Amber Ashlee Amber is a somewhat experienced Bdsm model, but that doesnt mean shes unbreakable she does know what the process entails she doesnt fight it she submits beautifully she seems to have a will to please Feenix uses it he pushes it until it does break he offers release when she asks for it then continues his series of punishments and rewards discipline is a big part of Feenixs course and control is the tool he uses The bondage is tight and restrictive he uses a crotchrope in the first scene and sets the pace for the rest of the day lots of pleasure, mixed directly with lots of displeasure the second scene introduces a leg spreading rig and really shows that Amber could use some daily stretching then again, seeing her less-than-flexible groin muscles pulled to their limits is quite pleasing a back breaking bent rig, gives him the perfect opportunity to work her ass with his floggers along with some tens and hot wax sensations the final scene includes a zipper and mostly focuses on her lovely pink pussy clamped, spread, penetrated and vibed, submissive Amber cums on command Ogre

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:16:57
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 1456kbps
Audio: 22kbps

Damon Tests Sadie Hard
Damon Tests Sadie Hard

Damon Tests Sadie Hard
Damon Tests Sadie Hard

Damon Tests Sadie Hard

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