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Freaks That We are Okay everyone, listen up. This is a really crazy video. This video shows Elise Graves in her element. Elise considers herself a freak and she thinks the people she plays with are freaks as well. In this video her suspicions are confirmed - Tony Orlando's balls are clamped to a poll, his wrists are shackled from overhead, his lips are parted with a dental spreader and his nostrils are hooked from the ceiling - and Tony asks himself out loud "why do I like this?"
I guess we are all freaks for watching this video, but I would like to suggest that as animals we are all driven by our fantasies, hormones and sexual desires which allow us to be attracted to a wide scope of interests and activities which are not directly to mating and procreation. We are ALL attracted to activities and physical items that are not directly sexual - from high heels, silk stockings, Tango dancing, to vibrators, dildos, perfume, fast cars and action movies where the hero always gets the girl.

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Freaks That We are

Freaks That We are

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Freaks That We are