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Tylers Cabin Studio: Insex
I keep to myself mostly. Dont make a habit of poking my nose around where it dont belong. But I was out hunting squirrel one day and my eyes about popped out of my head seeing what I saw coming down that old logging road.Theres a guy named Joe lives way back up the mountain. Hes never been much for socializing. But in the woods that day, there he was, driving his pickup on the logging road. And damned if there werent three girls tied behind that truck buck naked, like they was livestock. He had their necks all yoked together. Their hands were tied behind their backs. They had big old pieces of wood tied in their mouths so they couldnt make much of a sound.

Format: avi
Duration: 45:35
Video: 640x480, xvid, 1283kbps
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Tylers Cabin
Tylers Cabin

Tylers Cabin
Tylers Cabin

Tylers Cabin

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