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» » Scene Vacuum On Nipple (Chloe Lovette) ChimeraBondage
Category: BDSM Porn |

Scene Vacuum On Nipple (Chloe Lovette) ChimeraBondage Studio: Chimera Bondage
Cast: Chloe Lovette
Genres: BDSM, Torture, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore, Extreme
Chloe switches on the device at the power socket then fastens leather cuffs on both ankles before testing an inflatable dildo and inserting it inside herself. Next she sits on a saddle and reconnects the pipe of the inflating dildo to part of the device then she connects the ankle cuffs to ropes that go to clam cleats above and on each side of her. Chloe fastens a ring gag in her mouth then tucks a microphone into its left side and ties a large vibrator so it is in contact between her legs then she pulls the ropes that are connected to her ankles so her legs are pulled apart. She now places vacuum cups on her nipples and makes a noise loud enough for the microphone to start the device and suck some of the air from the vacuum cups so they are held in place. Everything is now connected to the device The nipple vacuum cups, the pipe to the inflatable dildo, the vibrator between her legs and of cause the microphone, with the volume detector set to the medium setting so soft moans wont do anything but medium and high screams will increase the size of the dildo inside her, start the large vibrator, and increases the vacuum on the nipple cups. Finally Chloe switches on the vibrator of the dildo that is now pushed deep inside her then places her wrists into the leather cuffs above and to each side of her and pulls them tight so she can not escape. Slowly the vibrations start to have an effect on Chloe and she begins to moan and wriggle until her moans become too loud and the device is activated, switching on the large vibrator, increasing the size of the dildo and increasing the vacuum so her nipples are sucked hard bringing her to her first of many orgasms. As her orgasm subsides and she becomes quieter the device resets all the devices to their original state except the large vibrator that has its rhythm changed Chloe to climax again with the sound of her pleasure becoming too loud for the device and the cycle repeats.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:53
Video: 1920x1080, AVC(H.264), 4839kbps
Audio: 155kbps

Scene Vacuum On Nipple (Chloe Lovette) ChimeraBondage
Scene Vacuum On Nipple (Chloe Lovette) ChimeraBondage

Scene Vacuum On Nipple (Chloe Lovette) ChimeraBondage
Scene Vacuum On Nipple (Chloe Lovette) ChimeraBondage

Scene Vacuum On Nipple (Chloe Lovette) ChimeraBondage

File size: 654.8 MB