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Gangland # 3 - ZFX Productions Cast: Kerri Downs, Darby Fox, Nick Long, Rick Masters
Genres: BDSM, Torture, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore, Extreme
In Gangland I and II, you watched as beautiful Agent 169(Kerri Downs)was trained in the rigors of assassination and captivity through a cruel computer controlled Virtual Reality device. This high priced harlot was recruited by a special Government assassin squad known as Fedsa to liquidate members of The Syndicate. In part III of the Gangland series, Agent 169 remains the bound and gagged captive of the demented cyborg pimp Mr. Zen(Nick Long)and his evil henchman, Paully Sty(Rick Masters). Agent 169 was to liquidate Zen, but having failed to catch him, is now being held in captivity and pumped for information. With 169 still refusing to divulge the details of her mission, Mr. Zen and Paully decide to move the squirming Agent to a place where she will be "safe," at least until she cracks. But their worst fears have been realized when buff blonde Fesda Agent 165(Darby Fox)bursts into their room and uses her martial arts skills to kick Mr. Zen into kingdom come!With Zen down, 165 begins to untie 169, only to be jumped from behind by Zen's sneaky henchman Paully. Despite a valiant struggle, beautiful 165 is finally brought down. Now she will join 169 as a captive of Zen and his sidekick. With a knotted bed sheet gag stuffed in her mouth and her body bound tightly with duct tape and phone wire, 165 is compelled to endure a harrowing interrogation. 169 watches in horror, then is made to participate in 165's harsh treatment. Soon they will both taste these gangsters wrath. What terrible fate awaits our damsels in distress?Will these girls succeed in their mission before they crack?Find out when you see Gangland III. You won't be sorry!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:01:37
Video: 960x720, AVC(H.264), 2726kbps
Audio: 124kbps

Gangland # 3 - ZFX Productions
Gangland # 3 - ZFX Productions

Gangland # 3 - ZFX Productions
Gangland # 3 - ZFX Productions

Gangland # 3 - ZFX Productions

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