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Elder White & President Oaks - The New Name Studio: MormonBoyz
As Elder White slowly came down from an intense orgasm, with President Oaks dick still buried in his hole, the handsome man leaned forward to kiss him. Both the mans and the boys semen coated Elder Whites belly. Oaks ceremonially smeared it across his belly with a hand before standing up and hoisting White to his feet.

Elder White, still woozy from an intense pounding, wasnt entirely prepared for what happened next.

President Oaks took the boys hand in a secret handshake, placing his thumb between Whites first and second knuckle, and pulled the naked boy close.

Placing one hand on the boys shoulder, he whispered in the boys ear, I give you a new name, which you should always remember and which you must keep secret and never reveal, except at a certain place that will be shown to you.

Then he had said a name, a name the boy recognized from the bible, which the boy repeated to himself silently over and over again.

Elder White was terrified that he would forget the name, and be unable to say it when someone in The Order asked him for it.

The secret Mormon ceremony has been in existence for nearly 200 years, and Elder White didnt want to dishonor himself by failing to be exactly obedient to the directions.

Then, as though nothing had happened, he had been dressed in his revealing temple clothing and sent on to Bishop Angus, and yet another secret gay sex ritual in the temple.

While President Oaks had been like the classy older stranger Elder White fantasizes about; there is something rougher and harder, and really hot, about Bishop Angus.

The Bishop had wasted no time getting at the boys ass.

In a matter of minutes, Elder White finds himself in his underwear, facedown on the altar, Bishop Angus face buried in his tight hole.

Elder White is still repeating his new, secret name to himself, but as the bishop rims him, hes so overcome with pleasure that he forgets to repeat the name to himself, he almost forgets his own real name!

But the rimjob is nothing compared to what follows the bishop is only getting the boys hole wet and warmed up for the hardest pounding of his life.

Still fully dressed in a white suit and tie, Bishop Angus pulls his hard cock out of his fly and climbs up on the altar with the boy.

He stuffs Elder Whites hole with his thick cock. White struggles to get away, but Angus pins him down and holds him still until his cock is all the way in.

At this point, Elder White stops struggling. He even backs up into the older mans cock, amazed at how good it feels to be filled up with his dick.

As the bishop starts to hammer away at the cute boys hole, Elder White has two goals - not to forget the new name, and not to let Bishop Angus pound the cum out of him until the Bishop has cum first.

Hes not so sure hell be able to accomplish either goal.

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Elder White & President Oaks - The New Name
Elder White & President Oaks - The New Name

Elder White & President Oaks - The New Name

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