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Maxi (8 Clips) Maxi(25)called the attention of many of you because of his masculine face.
Several of you pointed out that he looks like the young Sean Connery.
But with a much better body. Now that all of it is revealed to you guys, youll find that this stud is a kind of a beast.
Muscles everywhere, several tatoos and a very much manly attitude.
And prepare to suffer a heart attack when this beast spreads his cheeks to show his asshole incredible!
Enjoy Maxi. Together with Tomas, the two best muscled guys of our site.

Maxi (8 Clips)
Maxi (8 Clips)

Maxi (8 Clips)

Maxi (8 Clips)

Total size: 759.3 MB in 8 files.
Maxi (8 Clips)