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WH - Paul Belonek - Erotic Solo Studio:
Paul Belonek is aged 21 and lives in Olomouc. He works and in his spare time enjoys ice-hockey and cycling. What a great looking guy he is, and he does a very nice interview before standing up and groping himself to start his show. Removing his tee-shirt and cap Paul shows off a very nice chest, running a hand all over it. He also dips a hand into his jeans to feel his cock. He opens his jeans and pushes them down, grabbing his cock through his underwear. Then, after removing shoes, socks and jeans Paul pulls his big cock out of the side of his underwear. What a beauty that big cock is, and with the underwear pushed down we see some very low hanging balls too. Paul wanks on his hot cock, as the balls swing below it. Off with the underwear and sitting down Paul leans back and works on his massive dick. It is rock hard as his hand slides up and down the shaft. Then he turns over, onto his knees to show off a sexy ass. He runs a hand all over that ass, with his big balls handing so low. As he reaches back to spread his cheeks we see a nice, hairy hole. He turns over again, leaning back, legs in the air to show off that hole as he wanks his big, thick, cock. His fingers rub over his tight pucker hole as Paul continues his wanking. After standing up to give a lovely side view of that massive dick Paul sits again and wanks himself until he shoots a big creamy load all over his belly. To finish he goes off to the shower and washes that hot body, with his big cock hanging down still beautifully swollen from all that wanking.
Format: mp4
Duration: 30:23
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2931kbps
Audio: 86kbps

WH - Paul Belonek - Erotic Solo
WH - Paul Belonek - Erotic Solo

WH - Paul Belonek - Erotic Solo
WH - Paul Belonek - Erotic Solo

WH - Paul Belonek - Erotic Solo

File size: 672.7 MB

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