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Police Baton Fucked (2014) Release Year: 2014
Cast: Master Maurice, Master Chris
Genres: Fetish
With his cock and balls safely tucked away in a steel chastity collar there is simply no way for Tattoo to get hard and release his full tormented balls. The perfect situation for 2 nasty tops to have plenty of fun at the bottom's expense.
First Master Chris takes out his telescopic police baton and shoves it up the bottom's arse. As the cop fucks the bottom with a steady rhythm enter Master Maurice with a hard cock that just needs to be sucked. So within moments poor Tattoo is being stimulated at both ends in a way that would normally be a treat for the cocksucking bastard but is now a complete torment. He takes the young squaddie's cock deep down his throat. Boy does that luscious cock taste nice. Poor Tattoo's features are distorted from the large hard cock pushing its way into his throat.
Next it's the cop Chris's cock that needs to be serviced. With the nightstick wedged up his backside and now Master Chris's cock hard in his mouth, Tattoo realises that his pleasure is completely inconsequential next to that of his superiors'. When both cocks are rock hard Tattoo is placed on all fours and fucked at both ends by the tops' veiny members. This would be paradise for any bottom were it not for the metal device cutting into his own harnessed genitals. Master Mo detects that the bottom is having far too much fun anyway and rams his cock so far down his throat repeatedly that the bottom gags, spewing spit and tears welling in his eyes. As the bottom is rocked forward and backwards he is impaled on one or other of the cocks in rapid succession. Master Mo is enjoying his cock being serviced so much he is in a good mood for once!So much so that he allows Tattoo the cherished pleasure of sniffing the top's anus...

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 18:49
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 2473kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Police Baton Fucked (2014)
Police Baton Fucked (2014)

Police Baton Fucked (2014)
Police Baton Fucked (2014)

Police Baton Fucked (2014)

File size: 350.6 MB