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Twinkula Release Year: 2012
Studio: Dirty Fuckers
Cast: Will Jones, Rudy Valentino, Tristan Balboa, Kevin Atoah, Timmy Taylor, Roger Lee, Marco Will, Zac Todd, Brad Fitt
Genres: Bareback, Young Studs, Twinks 18-21, Blowjobs,Threesome, Europian, Anal,Piss
Count Twinkula is on the prowl for hard teen cock and hot twink loads. The police are hot on his heels... how many loads will he drain before he is staked?
Three young men head off down a dusty road in search of adventure but believe us, thats pretty much where this horny little episode and Chaucers Pardoners Tale partpany. For this trio of beauties are far too turned on to be bothered by any metaphysical nonsense; all theyre interested in are each others pert, young bodies, which they proceed to examine in close-up detail when they stumble upon an old house together. Indeed, before you know it young, hairless blond, Brad Fitt, is stripped off and ready for action, which Marco Will and Zac Todd(both are whom are equally as smooth)are all too clearly only eager and willing to provide!The result is one of the hottest trios youre ever likely to see, with barely a follicle in sight as Fitt rides both his friends raw cocks cowboy-style before being royally spit-roasted like amon whore. Its a totally fantastic display and one youve just got to see! but the highlight surely only arrives when Will and Todd finally take turns to blast Fitts cute little face with the contents of their balls. Believe us, if the sight of Fitt with spunk dripping off his chin doesnt do it for you then we doubt anything will!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:37:37
Video: 1280x720, MP4V, 6616kbps
Audio: 187kbps




File size: 4.8 GB