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GayWarGames - The General #02 Trembling with fear and cold Anton is brought into a dirty tent. They tie him to a wooden beam, strip and fondle him. He gets interrogated and insulted. They wash him with ice cold water.

Anton gets carried to a small army base. The soldiers look at him in a very special way. He tried to ask what they want from him. But they only said that he entered a restricted area and that he has to shut up. A few moments later he is brought into a dirty tent. It is a cold day and Anton has been naked all the time. He trembles. But he trembles with fear.

Gregor ties his catch to a wooden beam. Then the soldier starts to interrogate and insult him. What have you been doing here, you little faggot? He touches his private parts. Do you like it?I am sure you do! Then Gregor brings a bucket full of cold water. He starts to wash the prisoner. The General will come soon. He wants you clean and prepared. You better shut up then. Only speak when he asks you to. He gets pissed so easily. The soldier keeps cleaning the frightened guy. After a while he puts the remaining water over Anton?s head.

Now lets have a more in-depth look on you. Turn around. The soldier inspects every part of the boy?s body. His testicles, his butt and his dick. Suddenly he starts to suck him. Lets see if I will get your little willy hard. Anton is disgusted but he stopped struggling a long time ago. He understands that his torment is just about to begin.
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 18:11
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 4882kbps
Audio: 187kbps

GayWarGames - The General #02
GayWarGames - The General #02

GayWarGames - The General #02
GayWarGames - The General #02

GayWarGames - The General #02

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