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Non-Stop Studio: Trophy Video
Steve Collins portrays an airline steward who goes from L.A. to New York to visit his best pal Casey Donovan, engaging in Non-Stop sex along the way!One of Casey Donovans best films, and the Daniel Holt scene on the West Side Piers isnt bad, either!The beginning is very story oriented, explaining the intersection of the characters lives but by the end they guys are just crossing paths without explanation. Early publicity pictures seem to reference a scene, with Daniel Holt and two non-descript tattooed guys, that isnt in the final product.
1. Peter Wave, Steve Collins
Steve Collins is between flights and he stops at a friends house for overnight only to find platinum blond Peter Wave naked in a bed with his bubbly white out up for everybody to see. After Steve gets arrangements made for his next layover and Peter has had a shower, Peter makes the first move playing with Steve dangling uncut cock. After a little lip service from Peter, the two 69 on bed and then Peter takes a saddle ride on that big ol dick. Switching to gie style and then missionary, Steve pounds away until the both of them cant hold out any longer and spill their juice on Peters taught stomach.
2. Casey Donovan OrgAtRg, Steve Anthony OrgAtbRr, Steve Collins OgAb
On his next layover in New York, Steve lets himself in but Casey Donovan and Steve Anthony are already asleep, naked on top of the bed and snuggled in each others arms. Steve, naked too, lays down to sleep with them without waking them up. The next morning, Steve taps his co-sleepers awake and they warm up to the day with sex. Anthony starts in the middle sucking Casey while Collins sucks him. Next Collins lies face down while Anthony enters him face down with Casey encouraging Anthony on with fingers on the back side. Not content with just fingers, Casey applies his tongue to Anthonys bounding ass hole and the fucks the fucking fucker himself. They separate and Collins releases his load followed by Anthony with his two partners franticly licking up the jism from their hairy friend.
3. Eric Ryan OgrAbtMg, Daniel Holt OgrAbtMr
Daniel Holt and Eric Ryan wake up naked in bed together.(Cant these people afford pajamas?) Daniel starts the day with some cock sucking and they pleasure each other simultaneously with a 69, Eric bouncing his hips above Daniel and he fucks face. Then Eric is face down as Daniel pounds his hips into Erics stretched hole and then they reverse roles. Eric drops his spunk on Daniels ass but then just has to have a few more strokes so he puts his cum slicked dick back in. Always the gentleman, Eric reaches around Daniels waist and jerks the bucking stud to orgasm.
4. Steve Collins solo, Steve Peters solo
Casey gets a script delivered by Daniel Holt. Daniel and Steve eye each other as Daniel parts. Steve has sent Casey off to work when Collins sees Steve Peters jerking off on the roof. Through the window the two put on a show for each other jerking their uncut rods to orgasm.
5. Casey Donovan OrgAb, Eric Ryan OrgAt
Casey goes in to see Eric Ryan about the script but cant help fantasizing about what is under Erics clothes. In his minds eye he sucks on Erics cock and then bends of the desk for a reaming. Against a white brick wall they suck each other while each takes turn standing and then blast their loads.
6. Steve Collins OgrAt, Daniel Holt OrgAb, Mark Leonard(84)
While Steve Collins is in a clothing store who should cruise him but Daniel Holt so Steve follows him down the street into abandoned pier buildings. In the ruins, Steve applies lip service first to Daniel and they reverse. A third guy briefly appears here as a voyeur and only his bared torso and stroking cock are seen.(Mark Leonard is the only name left to apply here as a guess.)Then Daniel leans on the window looking out at New York with his bare ass pointing out for Steve to fuck. Steve comes on Daniel and then Daniel squeezes out his own cream in the New York sun streaming through the empty window.
7. Casey Donovan Og, Jorge Rodriguez Or
Casey is walking down the street when he sees a Mediterranean looking guy in a wife beater and a red bandana. Well have to guess that this is Jorge Rodriguez. Jorge gives Casey the nod and then leads the way into a basement. Casey applies hand work to the dark guys crotch and what should come out but one of the more beautiful uncut cocks to bless this world. Casey applies loving lips to balls and cock(which doesnt get hard until the crucial moment). With Casey bathing his lovely loose balls the guy finally gets off a load onto Caseys thirsty tongue. His chin still dripping with cum Casey cant resist sucking some more on that gorgeous cock until he too goes over the top.

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