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Panty School Pt2 Cast: Sayaka Oshiro, Koda Yuko, Katsuragi Uni
Genres: Japanese, Uncensored, All Sex, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, School Uniform, Facesitting
Video language: Japanese
Description of the first person:
"I think it will be interesting to find out what happened to my friend, who was in school toilet and local hooligan who stopped at the end of the first part of the ball on the right groin?Poor fellow was quite bad,, hit" balls "..... marked the beginning of the second film of his long moan and grunt from the unpleasant pain in the abdomen. poor man was taken to the office of our honey.'s school infirmary.)She pulled off his pants and began to look for the presence of manhood fractures...... Here fool!Not only that, pervert(which makes blowjob gym teacher in the morning), so also the fucking doctor. Where in the penis can be a bone?Anyway, after examining carefully member of my friend - she began to do what really has succeeded and what my one more groan. I think at the Olympics cocksucking - our "nurse" would take the gold medal. Anyway - but other treatment helped. Already the next lesson he ran - a goat)) But I got even worse.... Girl of my dreams(the one that made me a blowjob, getting an F in history)broke my heart. became known that she could face another deuce and physical education. Only this time, she decided to use all of the features that did not happen. Especially that physical education is not required special mind, the main thing - the physical data and parameters. Our fizruk these parameters and the data rate by 5 points at the next session of Physical Education, previously having been engaged in "a lesson on the individual program" with his student. Later, she admitted - she was to do this shameful thing, you do not lose me. After all, for two deuces in the quarter - it would have been expelled from our school. handed me the key of the drawer in his sports locker room(as if the key sign of her heart), she assigned me a date in that same ill-fated women's locker room, where we came, and finally a full-fledged sex. But after sex, I still could not forget her betrayal with physical trainer, so immediately after sex - I(one might say)ran away from the object of his adoration, leaving her half-naked - one.... She tried to stop me asking and crying, but then I'm gone - neoglyanuvshis..... Yet school years - were the most vivid in my life "

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:02:31
Video: 704x396, Windows Media Video 9, 1875kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Panty School Pt2
Panty School Pt2

Panty School Pt2
Panty School Pt2

Panty School Pt2

File size: 846.1 MB

Tags: Uncensored, asian, Panty, School, Pt2

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