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Campers Part 3. Crying (2012) Release Year: 2012
Studio: Gaywargames
Cast: Esteban, Jean
Genres: Fetish
The three soldiers get a good blow-job from Goran. Meanwhile Esteban and Jean escape from the interrogation room. Watch our Spanish NGO-workers getting caught again and put into a hot threesome with little Goran.
Poor Goran feels cock all over his mouth and face. Tied to a drainpipe he had to serve his new masters for a whole while by now. Suddenly they stop. Untie him! Nikolay commands. And soon after Mecko and Becko lead the humiliated guy outside the toilet along the floor towards their preferred play room.
Oh my god!Alert!When the soldiers enter the room the only thing left from their Spanish were the ropes they formally tied them with. Hurry up tie him - and use the cuffs this time.... now come... hurry... they cant be far... The officer leads his men back into the huge building complex as they leave Goran behind. You search downstairs I will check this floor. Hurry up! Nikolay shouts out frightened from the idea that Esteban or Jean could escape and report anything of the happenings here to the General staff or even worse to the media. He rushes from room to room but nothing. And downstairs again. He joins his soldiers on the first floor and finally in another lavatory they discover the two terrified Spanish boys hiding in a shower cabin.
Just a few seconds later Esteban and Jean find themselves duct taped and well tied again. Now out here, go you bastards!Go! Nikolay yells at them. Up the stairs and straight towards the interrogation room. Unlike the other guys Goran was not able to loosen his captivation. Sit down here and don't dare to move Becko orders the guys. So there they sit all three cuties next to each other all bound and ready to serve. Anybody must admit that it is quite a funny view to watch those three straight twinks totally helpless sitting like chicken on the roost. Place them to the ground shoulder to shoulder use the ropes to tie them properly. Nikolay really doesn't want any more surprises this time. He is horny like hell and wants his reward soon.
Becko rips the tape away from Jeans mouth. The boys face is full of fear when he watches the soldier unzip his trousers. Beckos huge dick now moves right into Jeans face. He waited long for this very moment. Open your fucking mouth and suck, bitch And how he sucks. Same with Goran and finally Esteban. The boys gag from disgust as they have to serve every soldier one by one. Please... just don't fuck me they cry... but will that really help?

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:18
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 4932kbps
Audio: 187kbps

Campers Part 3. Crying (2012)
Campers Part 3. Crying (2012)

Campers Part 3. Crying (2012)
Campers Part 3. Crying (2012)

Campers Part 3. Crying (2012)

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