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Stripped, Shaved and Bound Studio: Societysm / Dungeoncorp
I wonder if they can feel it the excitement in me, in anticipation of having my way with them getting them bound and naked and taking control Tegan is nothin but tastey a true blonde with a killer body, a pretty face and a silky smooth pink pussy I have the crew cuff her hands over her head and lock her in the cage to wait for me my caged canvas of what will soon be red skin and brown ropes I like to take my time feel their body allowing my hands to roam to their most intimate places I find a good patch of hair, softly covering her vagina in a strawberry pillow I move her from the cage and into an appropriate position to be shaved running the buzzing razor over her tender pussy lips was true entertainment such a fragile procedure I move on from it quickly I test her with a bit of static shock with a violet wand I think its safe to say, the device itself made her a bit uncomfortable all the better for our enjoyment I end with frothy orgasms from wand and pole a stressfull hogtie tests her endurance and a good stretch wraps the day with more run on orgasms and whips Tegan was a Bdsm newbie I dont think she can say that anymore an outrageously sincere and intense session have a lovely weekend.

Format: mp4
Duration: 54:45
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 1457kbps
Audio: 22kbps

Stripped, Shaved and Bound
Stripped, Shaved and Bound

Stripped, Shaved and Bound
Stripped, Shaved and Bound

Stripped, Shaved and Bound

File size: 594.3 MB