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Punishment Of Fighter Anton (1080p) Cast: Anton
Genres: muscle, fetish, bdsm, Whip, Russian, hunk, electric
Of all our activities a new one can be distinguished - the organization of contractual fighting. Anton - a former judoist which was expelled from the national team for the systematic violation of the regulations, was offered a job from us. But, unfortunately, Anton lost the fight in which he had to win. Now, in the best traditions of the former Iraqi regime, the tortures are waiting Anton for the defeat!

We proceeded with the implementation of punishments series for the Anton who lost in contract fight. This part includes the whippings on back and torso.

We wanted Anton to remember as he went wrong by losing in contract fight. So we decided to crucify him. But simple crucifixion is not enough for the guy by whose fault we have lost some serious money!We complicated the crucifixion torture with electric stick.

It contains very hot torture shows, but no actual sex scene, no total nudity sadly.
RCB is a great website. A little warning are:
their clips sometimes contain heavy injury marks, sap.
no sex, with underwear, sometimes women show up.(Looks like straight fantasy but they don't label them that way so I can't tag them that way....)

Punishment Of Fighter Anton (1080p)
Punishment Of Fighter Anton (1080p)

Punishment Of Fighter Anton (1080p)
Punishment Of Fighter Anton (1080p)

Punishment Of Fighter Anton (1080p)

Total size: 1.9 GB in 3 files.
Punishment Of Fighter Anton (1080p)