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Skater in Hell Studio: Gangsterfuck
Part 1 -
Dave is hanging around at the metro station. As always. It is already very late when somebody hustles him. A stranger asking for a cigarette. But Dave didn't want to give it. Since then he was doomed. First he gets heavily beaten before he gets tied to the railing. The stranger starts to rip his clothes. Piece by piece. And he even starts to set them on fire.

Part 2 -
Jess is really pissed, He had a bad day and is looking for trouble. And this guy offended him. He carries him away to his car where he blindfolds and tortures the frightened Dave. He brutally kicks him and starts to investigate the boys ass. After a while he drives to his garage. There he ties the boy again and rips off his jeans. Jess finally found his sex slave for today.

Part 3 -
Dave can hardly realize what is happening to him. He gets humiliated and beaten for almost one hour now. The guy from the metro station tied him to an iron construction. He tortures his cock and balls. Then he puts hot wax on it. Finally he goes for the ass of his slave. He stretches the cherry and starts to spank the tiny ass till its red like fire.

Part 4 -
Jess is really horny now. His frustration turned into lust. He sucks the helpless Dave until the cock is rock-hard. Then he beats him again. The pitiful skater boy has to give an extensive blow job. That is his reward. Now Jess fucks him. First his mouth and then his cherry. He gags him because he cannot hear his screams. Finally he covers the boys mouth with loads of cum.
Format: mp4
Duration: 1:08:57
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Skater in Hell
Skater in Hell

Skater in Hell
Skater in Hell

Skater in Hell

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