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Chaosmen 0718 Hagan & Ransom Raw Hagan has that perfect body, face, and a huge dick, but I am still trying to get him to really ramp -up and use that giant stick of his like a jack rabbit.
Ransom was next up to take his huge tool, and like a good bottom, he could have taken a pounding. But Hagan slowly fucks him, tentative about hurting his scene partner. It did keep hitting Ransoms spot and we had to cut while we waited for him to not cum.
Ransom, a seasoned professional by now, gets his dick sucked by Hagan to start with, and he does get hard for it, but you can catch this little moment where he is like, Enough of this, lets get down to some serious dick sucking!! He tosses Hagan over and goes after his cock with gusto.
A little bit of face fucking too. When you see Hagans cock flop out and lay against Ransoms face, you can see just how big it is. Its almost as long and big as Ransoms face!
Anyway, Ransom totally gets off to Hagans body and was truly enjoying the cock up inside him.
Ransom rode Hagans cock, and his dick just got harder and harder, and I figured why not have him cum that way?Hagan stays hard for the moment, and after Ransom nuts, he pulls out and strokes for a minute then unloads, the cum oozing down his cock.
Not one to let his load be wasted, he plunges it in to Ransom, who by then was ready for a post-cum nap and eager to de-cramp his legs!

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:29
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Chaosmen 0718 Hagan & Ransom Raw
Chaosmen 0718 Hagan & Ransom Raw

Chaosmen 0718 Hagan & Ransom Raw
Chaosmen 0718 Hagan & Ransom Raw

Chaosmen 0718 Hagan & Ransom Raw

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