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Gym Bound Video language: English
Managing a gym full of hot, sweaty, virile and pumped guys gives Daddy Ike plenty of fantasy material. Men bound to gym equipment, blindfolded, shackled & gagged while their Master toys with them, using them for his pleasure alone and a beefy daddy being seduced by his workout buddy. Gym Bound is Ike Adams' personal fantasy of bondage, control & domination!
Ike spies on two hot guys working out together. Knowing the guys are occupied for a while, he steps into the locker room to sniff & fondle their jocks, underwear & workout gear. While huffing the musky jockstrap of one of these two men, Ike fantasizes about the two guys Holt Maddox & Alex Payne. The maturity, the seduction, the lust, the fast paced release with what appears to be a pint of thick man-juice being unloaded onto the chest & stomach of hot man Holt Maddox.
Ike takes another opportunity to watch three hot men, Chris Neal, Sean Williams & Jared Erikson working out together. Again, he heads to the locker room to sample their scents. He sniffs, fondles & rubs their workout gear all over himself. While hot, hung stud Chris Neal and his work out buddy Jared Erikson shower, Ike can't resist taking a peak at these two exceptional men. After they leave and the gym closes, he returns to the locker room where he sniffs the musky, stained jocks left behind & begins stroking his cock. He fantasizes about three of the men bound to gym equipment with Master Ian Kincaid using the pleading, whimpering men for his pleasure. Ike's fantasy is filled with big cocks, dreamlike blowjobs and the best ass pounding action you've seen. As Ike is ready to cum, he fantasizes that all four guys are blowing on him. Chris Neal, Ian Kincaid, Sean Williams, Jared Erikson, Holt Maddox, Alex Payne make this film an exceptional bondage fantasy. Gym Bound offers an ending you won't expect!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:01:41
Video: 480x360, Windows Media Video 9, 1250kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Gym Bound
Gym Bound

Gym Bound

Gym Bound

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